The Reinvention of Self: A Guide to Changing Your Reality from the Inside Out (2-CD Set)


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How come, in the process of change, you have good intentions and then fail to meet your goals?  In The Reinvention of Self, Dr. Dispenza shares scientific insights, tools, and ideas as to how you can achieve your goals and make transformational changes in your life from the inside out!

The Reinvention of Self: A Guide to Changing Your Reality from the Inside Out, is the second volume in the Q&A Audio Series by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Dr. Dispenza answers questions such as:
What does it mean to reinvent ourselves, and how can that be done?
How does a new personality create a new personal reality?
How can Meditation help us in the process of change?
How do we change the emotional bonds that we have with other people?
When we find the emotional blocks, how do we deal with them?

CD 1 Title Tracks:
The Role of the Frontal Lobe in the Process of Creation or Reinvention
The Importance of Basic Meditation and/or Mental Rehearsal
Law of Attraction Function in the Quantum Field
How Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

CD 2 Title Tracks:
Process of Surrendering to a Greater Mind
Reinventing Ourselves and Creating
A New Personality, a New Reality
Starting Out with Good Intentions
Breaking Your Emotional Bonds & Addictions

Approximate Time: 116 minutes

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