The Big Walk: A Guided Walking Meditation for Young Adults (Download)


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Adolescence and young adulthood are critical times for the development of an individual’s personality and identity. During these formative years, as they begin to break away from their parents and build their sense of self, to create a successful future, it’s imperative they begin to practice thinking, acting, and feeling the joy, love, connection, and success of their future selves.

In this 30-minute walking meditation designed for adolescents and young adults (also for families to practice together), students will learn how to open their heart, connect to the energy and emotions of their future, and then practice walking in the embodiment of that energy as if their future has already happened.

This meditation is about creating a personality the individual wants to embody in their future, because a person’s personality creates their personal reality. If adolescents and young adults keep practicing this meditation, over time they will become the very person they desire to be.

1. Introduction (2:05)
2. Meditation (32:02)

Approximate Run Time: 34 Minutes

Music by Barry Goldstein,, Songs: Lunar Love, Invitation, Electric, Home in the Heart (Children’s Version)

Cover Design by John Dispenza


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