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Synchronizing Your Energy: To the Mystical (General) by Dr Joe Dispenza (Meditation)


English Meditation Download

Attention Advanced Students: An Advanced version of this meditation can be found in the Advanced Collection.

The fourth in a series of meditations, as the title suggests, “Synchronizing Your Energy: To the Mystical” is designed for you to use the magnetism of your heart to draw into your life mystical experiences and synchronicities—signals from the field that let you know there’s a match between your energy and some potential in the quantum field.

Run Time: 73 Minutes

Heart Opening Music by Diane Arkenstone
  Album: The Healing Spirit, Song: The Angels Voice
Meditation Music by Remko Arentz
  Album: Solaris, Song: Solaris
Lay Down Music by Barry Goldstein 
  Album: Lay Down in Love, Song: Forgive

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A synchronicity is a signal from the field that lets us know there is a match between our energy and some potential in the quantum field. This feedback mechanism provides us with an experiential truth that lets us know the energy generated in our meditations is producing an outcome in our external world. The energy and excitement we then experience from the correlation between what we generate in our meditations and the external event inspires us to do it again and again.

In this meditation, Dr Joe will simply ask you to use your awareness to tune into the frequency of the mystical that exists in the quantum field—the place where there is no separation and all possibilities exist as unmanifested potential. All you will do is become aware of it, then tune into that frequency, followed by using the magnetism of the feelings of your heart to draw the experience of the mystical to you.

Once you synchronize your energy to the thought of the mystical, and the mystical produces the emotion of awe, wonder, and surprise, Dr Joe will then ask you to refine that frequency, feel it, and pay attention to it—so much so that you lose yourself in the feeling. Then he will ask you to remember that energy so you can experience it throughout your waking day. The more you surrender and let go into the energy of the mystical, the more accelerated these new experiences and opportunities will show up in your life. At the end, Dr Joe will ask you to lie down and revel, receive, and bathe in energy of the mystical.


1. Introduction (6:24)
2. Meditation (65:54)

Cover design by John Dispenza

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SAMPLE: Synchronizing Your Energy: To the Mystical

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