Synchronizing Your Energy: To Health (General) (Download)


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This meditation is the second in a series of meditations that are designed to synchronize your energy --through brain and heart coherence-- to create synchronicities in the form of new opportunities in your life.

Synchronizing Your Energy: To Health is designed for you to practice tuning into the frequency of health from the quantum field and then practice drawing the experience of health to you with your heart. Since most people who want health want to be whole, you will also tune into the frequency of wholeness and practice drawing an experience to you with your heart, which will make your body more whole.

The last frequency in this meditation you will tune into is the new opportunity that will be an experience that will make you more healthy and whole.

You will finish the meditation by lying down and surrendering to allow the new frequency and information to be integrated into your autonomic nervous system!

1. Introduction (5:31)
2. Meditation (73:41)

Approximate Run Time: 79 Minutes
Music by Diane Arkenstone,, Song: The Angels Voice, Album: The Healing Spirit
Music by Barry Goldstein,, Song: Dominus, Album: Ignite the Heart 2 | Song: Call of the Heart, Album: Lay Down in Love
Music by Remko Arentz, Song & Album: Luminis

Cover Design by John Dispenza


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