Slow Music For Yoga by Various Artists




Music CD

Breathing and meditation songs used by Dr. Joe.

Eastern-by-ambient soundscapes, with warm and rhythmic sounds. Slow Music for Yoga is a handpicked collection of dissonant Eastern melody married to vocals and synthesizers in a reverential approach.

Eastern-by-ambient soundscapes, the album is culled from the Hearts of Space catalog and includes unreleased material from both German pop composer Thomas Barquee and the exceptional devotional duo Rasa. From the outset, these pieces take the tack of mindful meandering, as they follow a comfortable, comforting pace. Warm and rhythmic, the sounds slow the pulse of the listener and call for a focus on languid movement and openhearted clarity.


1. Black Marble and Sweet Fire - Al Gromer Khan & Kai Taschner
2. Salva Me - Thomas Barquee
3. Arati - Rasa
4. Sri Guru (part 1) - Rasa
5. Prabhupada Padma - Rasa
6. Matritamah - Hans Christian
7. Bija - Robert Rich & Lisa Moskow
8. Emptiness is Form - Shafqat Ali Khan & Annapurna

Run Time: 70 minutes.