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Sanctum Sanctuorum by Constance Demby (Music Compilation CD)


"This deep space music is intended for meditation and introspection. The soundscapes just reach out and grab listeners. It becomes an alternate awareness that allows listeners to enter a trance-like state of being. Within that state, deep listeners see more clearly. The journey leads to increased spiritual and emotional well-being. Essential for new age and space music fans." ~ Jim Brenholts, All Music Guide.

Music used during Coherence Healing at Advanced Retreats.

1. Alleluliah (5.40) (*used for heart coherence/healing)
2. Invocation (12.50)
3. Formless Presence (6.09)
4. Gateway (7:56)
5. Haven of Peace (7.11)
6. Sanctuary (5.42)

SAMPLE Sanctum Sanctuorum

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