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Remko Arentz 7 Album Ultimate Collection (Music Compilation)


7 Music Albums on USB Drive

Meditation, Yoga, Massage, Eternal and Ambient Music

You won't need a CD player to listen to these 7 wonderful music albums by Remko Arentz. The Ultimate Collection comes on a USB thumb drive that allows you to play on numerous devices, download to your phone or computer, and you'll always have the original copy.

Plug the thumb drive into any USB port.

Inside you will see 2 Folders - each containing full copies of all seven albums.

Folder 1: Contains MP3 formatted files used frequently for playing on smartphones / devices.
Folder 2: Contains larger size WAV formatted files for playing when using high-quality speakers.

Please only copy the albums for personal use and not for other individuals. Each sale supports future work by Remko Arentz.

Albums Included:
1. Transcendence (52:46)

2. Ultraviolet (53:48)

3. Solaris (48:02)

4. Trance (49:32)

5. Carriers of Sound: 5 tracks
- The Homeward Journey (12:06)
- Embracing the Light (11:21)
- The Avatar of Synthesis (11:00)
- The Carriers of Sound (4:51)
- The Embryo (16:14)

6. Sacred Flames of Eternity: 5 tracks
- Departure (11:29)
- Crystal Pathway (9:06)
- Infinite Flow (8:45)
- One (11:03)
- Star Voyage (12:27)

7. The Seven Chakra System: 7 tracks
- The Root Chakra (8:28)
- The Polarity Chakra (7:10)
- The Solar Plexus Chakra (7:11)
- The Heart Chakra (8:53)
- The Throat Chakra (8:41)
- The Third Eye Chakra (8:41)
- The Crown Chakra (9:31)

 ©2018 Remko Arentz. All Rights Reserved.

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