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Reiki Chants by Jonathan Goldman (Music Album CD)


Music CD

From an ancient Eastern tradition of sound healing comes the never before released sonics of Reiki Chants. An extraordinarily beautiful choral album with lush vocals and light instruments that will awe and heal you as you listen. Designed to enhance specific aspects of Reiki energy for amplified physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness and healing. The different chants are each encoded with the energy of the Reiki symbols. Great for healing, meditation, and relaxation. Features: Male & Female Choral Voices with harp, tambura, koto, violin, and gentle keyboards. Note: It is not necessary to be a Reiki practitioner in order to enjoy the special relaxing and healing energy of this album.

Music used by Dr Joe for harmonizing the Energy Centers during Advanced Retreats.

Run Time: 62 Minutes

Preview the audio sample below before completing your purchase. 

This Album is used in the following meditations:
Blessing of the Energy Centers VIII (Advanced Meditation)
Walking Meditation 7 (Advanced Meditation - Not Yet released)

Music Highlights:
Used by Dr Joe in guided meditations and at live retreats
Use for meditation, relaxation, and harmonizing

1. Cho Ku Rei (15:19)
2. Sei He Ki (15:32)
3. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (16:26)
4. Dai Ko Myo (14:08)

Genre: New Age Meditation Music, Pop, and Electronica

SAMPLE: Reiki Chants

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