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Music from Inspire, Volume 1 by Desert Trax (Music Album)


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A five song compilation of music from the Desert Trax record label, featured on Dr Joe Dispenza’s Inspire, Volume 1 – Ten Tracks to Master the Breath.

Run Time: 37 minutes

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“Emerging Heart” is a classic Liquid Bloom journey track, produced by Amani Friend and featuring vocalists Rara Avis and Sarah West. Over the years it has been remixed by a number of international producers in a wide range of genres. For this remix, Guatemalan producer Mose applies his unique slow-tribal-house sensibilities. It is part of a 9 track remix album that Mose produced from the Liquid Bloom album ‘Re.Generations.”

The album “Ayahuasca Remixed” was born from Brazilian-born artist Poranguí Carvalho McGrew, translated and remixed through the lenses of visionary producers like ATYYA, Liquid Bloom, Shamans Dream, Drumspyder, Kaminanda, Numatik, Yaima, and many others. These tracks were born from a prayer to bridge worlds from the consciousness of the master plant medicine onto the dance floor. It came to life through the meeting and friendship with musician and producer Sahuna Love (Shaman's Dream), and blossomed with the help of Amani Friend (Desert Dwellers & Liquid Bloom). Each song weaves the medicine of the original, while beckoning listeners to explore and express their prayers or meditations through embodied movement. Allow yourself to be moved - para el bien de todos. 

Bringing the rhythms of the natural world to the modern dance floor, Liquid Bloom and PERE unite their distinct musical backgrounds into the immersive story called ‘Afar.’ Presented in eight vivid tracks that infuse organic instruments and ancient songs with the trance-inducing energy of progressive electronica, the collection highlights each artist’s deep passion for the sounds of the world as well as their iconic approaches to musical storytelling in the digital age. The final track, “Refuge,” ends like glowing embers of Samadhi, echoing and honoring the immense passage of emotion that has transpired through PERE and Liquid Bloom's offerings. The full effect of the duo’s musical fusion is best felt here, where the recognizable coalesces with the imaginary in a cinematic coda that displays each producer’s alchemical approach to psychedelic sound design and guides the album back into the silence from which it all emerged.

Jakare is an electro-folkloric duo that wields the emotional language of music as a tool for exploring the endless frontiers of the human experience. Mose’s remix of their track “Cleansing” quickly draws listeners into a landscape colored by downtempo atmospheres and fueled by a collection of synths, beats, samples, and cleverly-woven instrumental sequences. Rooted in both acoustic and electronic components to provide a rising and falling emotional tale, the track plays true to Mose’s intention of crafting musical journeys and teases the essence of the greater collection by showcasing the versatility of “organic house” and its numerous global influences.

1. Emerging Heart (Mose Remix) - Liquid Bloom (8:31)
2. Sueños de la Selva (ATYYA Remix) - Poranguí (5:14)
3. Refuge - Liquid Bloom & PERE (7:47)
4. Kingfisher (Feat Si Mullumby) - Liquid Bloom & PERE (7:19)
5. Cleansing (Mose Remix) - Jakare (7:28)

Genre: Downtempo

©2018 Desert Trax. All Rights Reserved. (Tracks 1 & 5)
©2017 Sol Creation Publishing. All Rights Reserved. (Track 2)
©2021 Desert Trax. ©2021 Global Dragon.  All Rights Reserved.  (Tracks 3 & 4)

SAMPLE: Emerging Heart (Mose Remix)

SAMPLE: Sueños de la Selva (ATYYA Remix)

SAMPLE: Refuge

SAMPLE: Kingfisher (Feat Si Mullumby)

SAMPLE: Cleansing (Mose Remix)

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