Makara by E.S. Posthumus


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Music CD

Songs used by Dr. Joe for breathing exercises.

Neoclassical New Age, Modern Classical, Electronic!  In addition to releasing 3 albums, ES Posthumus wrote numerous compositions for sports programs including the NFL on CBS, Super Bowl XLIV, MLB Tonight, The Masters, The PGA Championship, and The US Open.

Of the fifteen tracks on Makara, the majority are upbeat, heart-thumping, and action-packed, while just two could actually be considered “mellow.” There are also two remixes of classical pieces by Beethoven and Bach.

    Kalki  (3:05)
    Varuna  (4:17)
    Unstoppable  (3:04)
    Durga  (3:41)
    Manju  (4:18)
    Kuvera  (4:05)
    Ushas  (3:55)
    Lavanya  (3:57)
    Vishnu  (3:38)
    Indra  (4:18)
    Arise  (4:12)
    Saint Matthew Passion  (3:38)
    Krosah  (4:50)
    Anumati  (3:19)
    Moonlight Sonata  (5:30)