Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep by Chuck Wild




Music CD

Songs used by Dr. Joe for heart lock-in and meditation exercises.

Liquid Mind® is the name used by Los Angeles composer, producer, and Emmy-nominated songwriter Chuck Wild. There are few composers with as much love for slowness in their music as Wild. Chuck draws from classical and pop influences as varying as Beethoven and Brian Eno, Bartok and Rachmaninoff, Bach, Chopin and Fauré, Duruflé, and Brahms.

Pull up a cloud, lie back, and enjoy. Slow, unchanging music forms a warm, resonant sound ideal for relaxation. “…an excellent addition to one’s nightly sleep regimen.”  — Dr. William Dement, Director, Stanford Sleep Disorders and Research Center and Professor of Sleep and Dreams at Stanford University

1. Night Light (11:13)
2. Moment of Grace (10:57)
3. Journey to Peace (11:19)
4. Breathe in Me (7:25)
5. Adagio for Sleep (7:36)
6. Touching Calm (7:44)

Run Time: 56 Minutes