It's Easier to Lose Your Vision Than to Find It (1-CD)


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You have an innate ability to create a life that you desire and love!

Now that you have participated in one of Dr. Joe’s workshops, questions may arise when applying what you have learned, such as: “Am I doing this right?”,  “What was it that he said about how to change?”.  This CD was created to remind you of what you learned and how to apply it in your life to reassure you that you are on track to reach your visions and goals.

1. Uncompromising to a Vision (7:18)
2. Overcoming Your Body (7:10)
3. Lighting a Match in Dark Places (8:29)
4. Breaking Addictions (3:49)
5. Falling in Love with Meditation (9:11)
6. Dimensionalizing Your Future (2:51)
7. You Can Do This! (4:17)

Run Time: 44 Minutes
Recorded Live at a Progressive Workshop in Tempe, Arizona

Also Available in Download format.

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