Eye Shades~Eye of Horus


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The main purpose of meditation is to remove your attention from the environment, your body, and the passage of time so that what you intend, what you think, becomes your focus instead of these externals. You can then change your internal state independent of the outside world.  Eye shades are one of the best ways to eliminate external stimulation so your awareness is more easily focused inwardly during meditation. These Eye of Horus Eye Shades have been specially designed for you to use during Dr. Joe’s workshops, at home, or for more restful sleep.

The eye mask fabric, which rests over the areas of the eyes and face, is plush, fully breathable and made with 100% cotton with an interlock padding which cushions the eyes without pressure.  A plush cotton bridge rests gently across the nose to block light.  This deluxe eye mask secures around head with a silky sheer adjustable left and right strap options.  One size fits most.

Eye shades make wonderful gifts to give away or to keep for yourself!

Logo in aged metallic gold.

Hand wash in cool water.
Lay flat to dry.

Made in the USA.