Escala by Escala


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Music CD

Songs for breathing exercises and energy.

Escala is an energetic, electronic string quartet that has played all over the world and performed with many famous artists.  Adding their powerful interpretation on popular Classincal and Rock pieces, this album includes a diverse range of tracks including "Requiem for a Tower," "Sarabande," and "Adagio for Strings."  Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" features Slash of Guns N'Roses on guitar, Robert Miles' Children, Handel's Sarabande and Ennio Morricone's Chi Mai. New arrangements of Karl Jenkins' "Palladio" and Paul McCartney's "Live & Let Die" will excite and amaze you with Escala's creative touch.

1.  Requiem For A Tower (1:59)
2.  Palladio (3:54)
3.  Kashmir (3:23)
4.  Finding Beauty (3:20)
5.  Children (4:27)
6.  Live And Let Die (2:54)    
7. Chi Mai (3:40)
8. Feeling Good (4:00)
9. Sarabande (2:37)
10. Clubbed To Death (4:54)
11. Adagio for Strings (4:16)

Time: 40 minutes