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Recommended meditation for those who have read Becoming Supernatural or attended Dr. Joe’s Progressive Workshop, and have been practicing the first Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation. 

As you now know, Energy Centers carry their own intent, have their own frequency, their own glands, hormones, chemical expression and their own individual little brain that sends information to the corresponding cells, tissues, and organs in different parts of the body. 

Our third center, in the pit of our gut, is the center of our power and our will. It’s the energy we use to get up and get going and willfully execute. We can use the third center to embody certain feelings and emotions with the intention to instruct our immune system - our inner army of resources - to strengthen and to become more harmonious and synchronized to combat any foreign invader like a virus. That’s what this meditation is about.  

So, to begin, I’m going to ask you to broaden your focus by opening your awareness to connect to energy and frequency, which creates more coherence in the brain and all the cells and tissues of your body. Then, when I say “three”, I’m going to ask you to put your attention on your third center, and you will activate that center while your awareness is in the blackness. Once you bring your third center to life with your attention, I want you to teach your body what it feels like to have an invincible army within you. I want you to feel unlimited and empowered and embody the energy of an uncompromising will to begin to strengthen your immune system.

When we finish, I'll ask you to allow that energy to move into your heart from the third center, and I want you to open your heart in a sense of wholeness or love for life. When you feel more whole, it's difficult to feel separation or disease. By intentionally directing energy to this place, you will activate the power of love in your heart center, and then all I want you to do is receive!

1. Introduction (11:23) 
2. Meditation (39:02) 

Run Time: 51 Minutes 

Music by: Barry Goldstein, Album: A Musical Voyage into Cosmic Consciousness,
and music from the Album: The Four Pathways to Your Destiny.

Cover Design by: John Dispenza

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