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Courageous Heart Musical Score by Barry Goldstein (Music Album)


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Take a deep, immersive sonic adventure with The Courageous Heart Musical Score.

The music is composed at a specific tempo that targets entraining your heart to a relaxed state and thus assisting you in producing smooth orderly heart rhythms which can help you move into heart coherence.

This album contains 10 tracks including the full continuous 37-minute score which was used as the sonic backdrop for The Courageous Heart Meditation. In addition, the individual tracks contained in the score are broken down into single tracks so that you can mix and match and create your own playlists.

Run Time: 104 Minutes

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The composition is woven with Earthy textures, grounding drones, heart opening melodies, noble brass, and transformational orchestration. It will take you on a beautiful journey where you are guided home to your heart.

In addition, there are bonus tracks that are not on the original score but were added to enhance your journey even further. They Include Bonus 1 “Immersed in Nobility - Heart Coherence" which contains exquisite ambient textures, heart swelling brass melodies and sublime sound activations. Bonus 2 "The Shamanic Voyage - Rite of Passage" is an immersion of Shamanic chants, moving rhythms, pulsing bass, and powerful, omnipotent drums. Bonus 3 “Glorious Grounding" is a Drum, Drone, and Digeridoo mix. Bonus 4 “Drums of Destiny” ignite your courage with the power of drumming.

This Album is used in the following meditations:
The Courageous Heart

Music Highlights:
Music in this Album was created especially for Dr Joe's The Courageous Heart Meditation
The music is composed at a specific tempo that targets entraining your heart to a relaxed state

1. Courageous Heart Full Musical Score (37:23)
2. The Rising - Induction (7:32)
3. Passageway to the Heart - The Initiation (5:56)
4. Waves of Elation - Communing and Activating with Your Center (13:04)
5. Flow to Form - The Integration (7:36)
6. Coming Home to You - The Restoration (3:02)
7. Bonus 1 - Immersed in Nobility - Heart Coherence (7:12)
8. Bonus 2 - The Shamanic Voyage - Rite of Passage (7:33)
9. Bonus 3 - Glorious Grounding (Drum, Drone, and Digeridoo Mix) (7:32)
10. Bonus 4 - Drums of Destiny - Igniting Your Courage (7:20)

Genre: New Age

SAMPLE: Courageous Heart Musical Score

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