Changing Boxes (1-CD)


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Please Note: To understand, and receive the benefit of this meditation, you must first have read Chapter 11 in Becoming Supernatural, and have practiced the Space-Time, Time-Space meditation.

Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” This means that for us to resolve our problems, we have to go to a greater level of awareness—a higher level of consciousness than the consciousness that created them. The purpose of this meditation is to do just that.

During this meditation, I’m going to guide you in raising your energy to a greater level of awareness, consciousness, and frequency so you can step into a new box—a new dimension where your problem is resolved. Remember, just like when you're in a dressing room where there are two mirrors, and you see your likeness in infinite reflections on either side of you, there is an infinite number of possibilities and dimensions where your problems don’t exist.

If you're able to observe yourself, get beyond your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions of how you think and feel in that limited box, and as you become conscious of the old personality that's connected to your new reality, you will connect through your heart to your future self where your problems no longer exist in the eternal "now."

When the door opens, your new future will come in a way you would never have imagined, predicted, and understood, because that's the unknown. When your body follows your mind out of that door into another box, another dimension, and another reality, you'll begin to understand, and then know how to apply this to many different circumstances in your life.

1. Introduction (9:50)
2. Meditation (52:35)

Run Time: 63 Minutes
Music by Barry Goldstein, Album: A Musical Voyage into Cosmic Consciousness,

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