Breaking Habits & Addictions: A Program for Making New Choices (1-CD)


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Are you ready to break a habit or addiction?

You keep making the same choices over and over again to feel comfortable and stay with the known. It’s now time to stop and learn how to become free from those unwanted habits such as smoking, overeating, judging yourself or others, watching too much television or video-gaming, procrastinating, bad relationships or other self-limiting ways.   

Dr. Joe will guide you to become conscious of your unconscious thoughts which lead you to make the same non-serving choices. He will then empower you with new tools to remove old cues and triggers.  During this meditation, he will engage you in an exercise so that you will feel different and thus able to make new choices daily that serve you to your greatest potential.

1. Introduction (9:58) 
2. Meditation (60:00)*
*Once Dr. Joe finishes the guided meditation, the music will continue for you to integrate your meditation for as long as you like or for you to lay down and fall asleep. 

Run Time: 70 Minutes
Music by Barry Goldstein, Song: Alchemy, 

Also Available in Download Format.

Do not listen to any meditation audio recordings while driving or operating machinery or equipment.


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