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Blessing of the Energy Centers IV: Embodying the Unified Field by Dr Joe Dispenza (Meditation)


This meditation is designed to raise the frequency of your body by aligning, attuning, and connecting each energy center, and in doing so, opening a channel for the creative energy in your first center to flow more naturally into the brain.

Run Time: 76 Minutes
Breathing Music by Barry Goldstein, Song: Freedom | Album: Ignite the Heart Vol. 2
Meditation Music by Barry Goldstein, Song: The Divine Universe,
Meditation Music by Remko Arentz, Album: Trance


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    The energy centers of the body (known as chakras in the Hindu traditions) are individual centers that have their own frequency and energy. Each energy centers emits different information and/or intentions, correlate to their own individual glands, hormones, and chemistry, and house their own unique plexuses of neurons. When activated with energy, each expresses their own level of mind.

    All disease arises from a lowering of frequency and the transmission of incoherent messages being sent between your brain and body, as well as within and between your body’s cells, tissues, organs, and internal systems. As this happens and your body’s vital energy becomes depleted, the field around your body shrinks, causing you to become more matter and less energy.

    This meditation was designed to raise the frequency of your body. You will learn how to align, attune, and connect each energy center, and in doing so, open a channel for the creative energy in your first center to flow more naturally into the brain. Then, you will draw energy from the unified field back down into each energy center, raising the frequency of your body.

    Included with this meditation is an 11-minute instruction. This is a great meditation for those who want to heal their body.

    For further study of the energy centers in the body, please refer to Dr Joe’s book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon.


    1. Explanation (10:55)

    2. Meditation (65:08)

    Cover Design by John Dispenza

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    SAMPLE Blessing of the Energy Centers IV

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