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Becoming Supernatural by Dr Joe Dispenza (Paperback Book)


English Paperback Book

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon, marries some of the most profound scientific information with ancient wisdom to show how people like you and I can experience a more mystical life.

Readers will learn that we are, quite literally supernatural by nature if given the proper knowledge and instruction. When we learn how to apply that information through various meditations, we should experience a greater expression of our creative abilities.

384 pages

Readers will also discover our capacity to tune in to frequencies beyond the material world to receive more orderly, coherent streams of consciousness and energy. This energy can then be used to intentionally change our brain chemistry in order to initiate profoundly mystical, transcendental experiences. If done properly enough times, we can develop the skill of creating a more efficient, balanced, healthy body, as well as a more unlimited mind and greater access to the realms of spiritual truth.   

Topics include: 
· Demystifying the body’s seven energy centers and how you can balance them to heal your body  
· How to free yourself from the past by reconditioning your body to a new mind 
· How you can create reality, in the generous present moment, by changing your energy 
· The difference between third-dimension and fifth-dimension creation 
· The secret science of the pineal gland and its role in accessing mystical realms of reality 
· The distinction between Space-Time vs. Time-Space realities 

Meditations discussed in the book that are available for sale:
Chapter 2: 
The Generous Present Moment Meditation
Chapter 3: Tuning In to New Potentials Meditation
Chapter 4: Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation
Chapter 5: Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind Meditation

Chapter 9: The Walking Meditation: Stepping into Your Future
Chapter 11: Space-Time, Time-Space Meditation
Chapter 12: The Pineal Gland: Tuning in to Higher Dimensions of Time & Space Meditation
Chapter 13: Project Coherence: Raising the Earth's Electromagnetic Field

Cover design by John Dispenza

The content of this book is for educational and informational purposes only. The content should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any condition or disease. The case histories presented are provided for illustrative purposes only. No express or implied guarantee of results is made. Participating in any meditation may come with a certain level of risk and each person’s body response to these various activities cannot be predicted with complete accuracy. If you are currently being treated by a physician or other healthcare practitioner, or have been diagnosed with any condition or disease, please consult with that provider prior to changing, modifying, or taking part in any treatment program, including meditation work. Encephalon expressly disclaims any liability of any kind or nature relating to any person’s use of the content.

©2017 Encephalon, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“From a gifted scientist and passionate teacher, this unique and practical guide shows us—step by step—how to move beyond the limits of the known and into an extraordinary new life.”
Tony Robbins, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Unshakeable
“Joe Dispenza is a doctor, a scientist, and a modern-day mystic...In a style that is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand, [he] has woven into a single volume the paradigm-altering discoveries of quantum science and the deep teachings that adepts of the past dedicated their entire lifetimes to master.”
Gregg Braden, New York Times best-selling author of Human by Design and The Divine Matrix
“In this provocative, fascinating book, Dr. Joe Dispenza shows that we are so much more than just our linear minds. As our savvy guide, Dr. Dispenza takes readers further than ordinary awareness to understand the infinite quantum field of consciousness which goes beyond the senses and beyond space and time. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to explore the extraordinary nature of consciousness and healing.”
Judith Orloff, M.D., author of The Empath’s Survival Guide
“I have read a lot of things, but Dr. Dispenza’s book left me in awe. It is cutting edge and an amazing breakthrough in mind-body medicine. Bravo!”
Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D., author of Heal Your Mind and All Is Well
“Wow! If you ever needed to believe in miracles but needed some science to bring some clarity to your hopes, then this is the book for you. Dr. Joe offers extraordinary insights and powerful lucid step-by-step instructions for how to live supernaturally.”
David R. Hamilton, Ph.D., author of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
“I have long been a fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. In Becoming Supernatural, you will learn exactly how you can transcend the limitations of your past—including health challenges—and, quite literally, create a new body, a new mind, and a new life. This information is thrilling, life-changing, and incredibly practical.”
Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of Goddesses Never Age
“Becoming Supernatural takes the idea of realizing your full potential to a crazy new level. Joe Dispenza has done an outstanding job of creating a 21st-century operator’s manual for the human body and brain by combining his vast experiential wisdom with compelling case studies, exciting scientific research, and the exercises his students have used to do everything from healing their bodies to dramatically altering the course of their lives. He’s a man on a mission, and while the idea of Becoming Supernatural is a BIG promise, this book delivers hands down!”
Cheryl Richardson, New York Times best-selling author of Take Time for Your Life
“Dr. Joe Dispenza has a single-minded mission: to help all of us to shed the limitations of the present and reclaim the multidimensional life that we were born to lead. By underpinning deceptively simple practices with hard brain science, Dr. Joe proves that the supernatural is, in fact, our natural state of being—and also within our ready grasp. Fasten your seat belts. Read this book, sample his paradigm-busting techniques, and be prepared for a wild ride into your limitless potential.”
Lynne McTaggart, international best-selling author of The Field, The Intention Experiment, and The Power of Eight

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