Advanced Workshop Meditations Vol. 2 (2-CD)


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English CD

The following meditations are for participants of Dr. Joe's Advanced Workshops only.  Please do not share these meditations with others.

Recorded live in Englewood, Colorado, 2013

CD 1
Track 1 - Thursday Morning Meditation: Blessing of the Energy Centers  (1:00:08)

Music by: Steven Halpern,  Album: OM ZONE: Om Grooves
Note: This OM ZONE: Om Grooves CD was made with exclusive tracks for Dr. Joe's Workshops that are only available at the link given above and is not available in stores. 

Music by: Diane Arkenstone,  Album: The Healing Spirit 

CD 2
Track 1 - Thursday Morning Meditation: Creating Opportunity (29:59) 
Track 2 - Sunday Healing Meditation: Part 1 (18:34)
Track 3 - Sunday Healing Meditation: Part 2 (18:02)

Live Music by Barry Goldstein –   Album: Music from Dr. Joe's Advanced Workshop Vol. 2

2-CD Set 
Run Time: 127 minutes

Please Note: There are no "breathing" instructions or music at the beginning of each meditation.  If you'd like to start your meditation with breathing exercises, we recommend that you play the breathing song from one of the following Meditation CDs before you begin: Changing Beliefs and PerceptionsReconditioning the Body to a New Mind, or Tuning In to New Potentials.

Additional Breathing Song Music from the Advanced Workshops

Advanced Workshop Meditations Vol. 1 
Friday Morning Meditation 
Vangelis: Voices

Saturday before Lunch Meditation 
Vangelis: 1942 Conquest of Paradise

Advanced Workshop Meditations Vol. 2
Thursday Morning Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation 
Era: Era

Dead Can Dance: Spirit Chaser

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Do not listen to any meditation audio recordings while driving or operating machinery or equipment.


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