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Wealth Testimonials
  • Rachel's Manifestation

    After splitting from her husband, Rachel wanted to find a new house. She put it into her meditations, and within a few days found exactly what she wanted in every way.
  • Rachel's Manifestation

    What sort of potential do we have once we are able to tap into the divine source within us? In this story Rachel talks about a strange and miraculous event that she created from the unknown whilst doing her morning meditation.
  • Ruth's Manifestation

    "Manna falling from heaven" is the way Ruth describes how her intention to be financially comfortable and at the same time have the ability to "give", manifested in her life.
  • Ingrid's Testimonial

    Ingrid describes how a mystical event in her life caused her to turn her life completely around. After viewing Dr. Joe in the film "What The Bleep Do We Know" in 2004, Ingrid started to create her day. She has now created wealth, freedom and love in her life as a result.
  • Bruce's Testimonial

    Bruce, an investment adviser, explains how he uses his intuition in order to predict market movements. He has been so successful in his ability to forecast stock trends, that he now works entirely on his own portfolio and travels the world enjoying life and working on his spiritual evolution.
  • Lizzi's Testimonial, Business Boomed!

    My husband and I attended your workshop over the weekend. ..We have good results'. Where do I start?
    1. Monday, we finalized a deal with our American product suppliers, they are giving us 15% of their company in exchange for using our branding. No money down by us. A major achievement
    2. A product we thought we would have to wait 6 months to trial on a ship. We got an email Monday to say a ship is arriving in port next week. We were very surprised
    3. We decided to put product supply to the UK on hold because we had not located a distributor. Monday morning we had an email from someone who had been trailing our product, they loved it and said they wanted to be sole distributor in UK and they would dedicate a full time sales person to it. They put forward a proposal which is very favorable to us
    4. My ex-husband called and said he was going to sort 8 months of child support back pay.
    5. A company that we tried hard to work with a year ago and never got anywhere rang Monday and said they loved the product and wanted to buy it
    6. Tuesday morning, the new UK person ordered $25 k USD worth of product
    7. A project we thought had died last year has been given the green light ' it is for a massive job for a Saudi palace
    8. A client we have been working with has today approved us to complete fitouts for 78 sites!!!!! We thought we were only doing some initial paperwork
    9. Lastly but by no means the least'. We signed a deal on Tuesday with some Chinese buyers, the have committed to a product purchase minimum of $3million per year!! These Chinese only came to us 2 weeks ago and having worked with Asian and Indian people many times, we had thought this deal would take 6-12 months for anything to happen ' but no! It took only days. Totally gobsmacked.
    I said on Sunday in our sessions that I wanted to be knocked off my feet. Well I am being knocked off my feet daily since the workshops. I have never been so excited about life, nor have I been so excited about the 4.45am starts which I have managed to do daily since Sunday.
    I love the unpredictability of life.
    Dr. Joe you are amazing. You have big fans here in NZ. We'll see you in Mexico for level 3! Somehow I know we will get there.
    Lizzi H ' New Zealand
  • Steve's Testimonial, Properity in Business

    I have attended and experienced Dr. Joe Dispenza's Level One, Two and Three workshops entitled Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. The following is a personal and professional testimonial regarding how the information I learned at the workshops and the daily practices have helped improve my attitude, habits and behaviors in the workplace, increasing my ability to establish and sustain business relationships and increase revenue flow for myself and my employer.

    I am a construction executive for a fortune 100 firm. My company manufactures, installs, and services technology systems and environmental equipment to make buildings more comfortable, energy efficient, and safe. My role and responsibility is to secure new business for large construction projects. My customers are Building Owners/Managers, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors in the new construction of commercial buildings. I specify products, design applications, develop cost estimates, and perform negotiations with my customers to sell and secure new business.

    My story is that in the fall of 2010 I was caught in fear of failure. I felt I was not going to be successful. Doubt, worry, and blame was everywhere in my thoughts and feelings. I turned to using the meditative process to open myself to the field, and listened and studied Dr. Joe's suggestion on how to Break The Habit Of Being Yourself by attending his workshops, reading his books, and listening to his CDs. During my daily meditations I used affirmative feelings during the creative process of the meditation to feel myself as abundant, wealthy, confident, worthy, communicative, and having a service attitude for what I can bring to others in all my work environments.

    By using the meditative process on a daily basis, and focusing my intention on how I can be of more value to my customers, fellow teammates, and management, I was rocketed into a new level of performance. This performance was marked by adding value and serving others, rather than on achieving my sales goals. The sales success is a by-product of right thinking and doing. My keys to unlock myself and connect during my meditative focus were:

    Key # 1 Creativity. Being an electrical engineer and having to use strategy and innovation in my work, I envisioned my day stretching myself to generate new ideas and to direct my energies at reaching out to people to gain better understanding of their needs and to validate solutions. I envision myself as being this in my work.

    Key # 2 Communication. I had in the past been fearful of others rejection, and thus would not work hard to communicate with them. By over communicating with others I changed this and increased my effectiveness. I envision myself as being this in my work.

    Key # 3 Positivity. I rejected the thinking that I was inadequate, less than, and inferior. I rejected all the reasons why I can't. My focus became I am capable, I expect the best, I offer encouragement. I am grateful. I am joyful. I chose to think, feel and act as a successful businessman with integrity, and not entertain the old beliefs of inadequacy that held me back in my past. The integrity intention supports my increased abundance as a Sales Executive because I am helping my clients accomplish their construction goals. I envision myself as being this in my work.

    What occurred and continues to manifest is quite remarkable. Using the meditative process and the Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself tools, I recreate my day through active meditation with Source, thereby achieving a coherence within me that is attracting powerful energies that is transforming my work environment. I have transformed negative emotions of fear, inadequacy, pessimism, and emotional dishonesty into a state of being that is empowering, caring, honest, creative, and focused on service to others.

    The results have been that I was able to secure over $ 7 million in business in 2011 and one of the highest contributors in my region. I have been asked to be a mentor and a coach for others. I was told by my teammates that I was Mr Positive and have a good outlook and people enjoyed working with me. Considered a regional systems integration expert (creative), I have been asked to team with many others on projects to assist them in this creative area of the business. I received an excellent performance rating and have earned 60 % more income in 2011 over 2010. All of this in a construction market that has declined each year for the last four years. /p>

    What has really struck me more than the outward signs of success is the sense of being within myself. I have an energy, a coherence, a vibration which allows me to know deep within myself that I am connected, a channel of power, and a radiant human being. This energy is transmitted into my work environment to others I meet, work, and engage with on a daily basis. And when doubts, fears, and feelings of inadequacy crop up, I turn back to Source for my solution. Fear no more as faith and reliance on Source is taking me on a great adventure of co-creation, thus I have a life of spiritual prosperity.

    I am deeply grateful to Dr. Joe Dispenza's work, the daily meditations and the tools he has taught me throughout my journey. By embracing the new self I have become, I am living out loud today in my personal and professional life.

    Steve N. - Colorado
  • Tom's Testimonial, Causing an Effect

    I am amazed that the first time I focused on a material thing it came into my life against all the odds of a 1000 to 1 and it happened on the sixth day.. But I remember Dr. Joe saying that if we really believed that it (the teaching) worked and that it was truly possible, then we would get up every day and not miss a day of rehearsal.

    And the other thing I might add is that I remember Dr. Joe saying that he doesn't believe what his mind is telling him the first two minutes when he awakes in the morning. In other words, when my mind told me to sleep in on Sunday morning at 3:45 AM'.I got up and became greater than how I felt(sleepy).

    And when I had heard that Claudia Ruiz got handed a $500 check after she got back from a seminar, I suddenly realized the field of all possibilities has infinite organizing power. And like Dr. Joe says. 'Once your waiter takes your order, you don't have to follow him around and ask when will the food show up.'

    Clear intention. No doubts. Make the body become the mind. Thinking to Being. Feeling.

    This is probably the most invaluable teaching I have ever had since studying with Swami Satchidananda in the late 1970's and Dr. David R. Hawkins in the 2000's. I do not chase spiritual teachers around and I am highly discerning when I decide to take on another person's 'program' and download it into my mind. But to me' Dr. Joe is a modern day Patanjali. He is bridging science and mysticism and showing us the way. And we can see that his path has heart. There is purity there.

    Thanks again.
    Tom F. ' Arizona
  • Carey's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

    I have to say that I have had so many 'you are not going to believe this' moments since attending the workshop. Thanks to Dr. Joe and his wonderful teachings. I have just been selected to be one of the presenters for a new Channel 4 TV show and this is what I imagined in every meditation for 6 weeks.

    Carey M ' London, UK