Healing Others Testimonials

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Healing Others Testimonials
  • Lilia's Testimonial in Spanish

    Espanol: A podido ayudar a muchas mujeres presas a cambiar sus vidas en la carcel a travez de las ensenanszas del Dr. Joe. A visto muchas transformaciones impresionantes e historias de sanancion, desde que comenzó a llevar el mensaje de Dr. Joe.
    English: Lilia has been able to help a lot of woman in jail to become better people thorough Dr. Joe’s teachings. She’s witnessed many impressive transformations & healing stories herself, since she started bringing them his message.
  • Jorge's Testimonial

    Jorge explains how he has discovered a power within himself that has emerged since being introduced to the meditative practices taught in Dr. Joe's workshops.
  • Connie Re-unites Her Family Through Love and Creating a New Future

    Connie speaks about the remarkable changes that happened in her life after the Advanced Workshop in Colorado in 2013. Through love and the embracing of a new future, Connie heals a deep rift in her family, heals old wounds and re-unites her family.
  • Kayla Cures Her Daughter of Serious Food Allergies

    Chloe was suffering from serious food allergies that caused a severe skin condition. Hear the story of how her mother Kayla applied Dr. Joe's techniques in order to help her daughter.
  • Jan's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

    I am organizational development consultant and use expressive arts methodologies in my work to help groups of people communicate with and relate to each other more humanely and authentically. I just want to say that I've read both of Dr. Joe's books ' each several times. I have them on my Kindle so I can keep the ideas with me constantly.

    Also, in February, I attended my first workshop. I saw these ideas as a perfect complement to my current group and organizational work and have to say that the workshop sealed the deal for me that this work will infuse and inform the work I will do for the foreseeable future.

    Lastly, I am now in week two of the meditation (and by the way, the CD of the guided meditation is a VERY deep and transformative experience). Dr. Joe suggests we ask the Universe for signs of changes that are happening to us. I did. However, my changes are very subtle but also very meaningful.

    The thing I noticed immediately was that I have the sense that time has slowed down for me. It is such a subtle thing I almost thought not to write about it. But it has been such a calming, metacognitive experience. As time slows for me, I now recognize feelings of stress or anxiety in my body that were formerly completely outside of my awareness 'and can name them as things I was to un-memorize ' YAAAAA! And I am thinking that the release of the formerly invisible but very active stressors is a reason that I am experiencing my second sign which is, SO MUCH more energy for and enjoyment of my life experiences. I am in the process of writing a PhD dissertation and before the Intensive workshop was really struggling with that work. Now, the joy of my research topic, that I knew I loved, has returned and I am rockin' and rollin and seeing (and feeling) it all in a whole new light!

    Thanks Dr. Joe and to everyone who works with you to make this information available to us. I will see you all again in a couple of weeks.


    Jan S. - South Carolina