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Healing Animals Testimonials
  • Andrew & Leilani's Testimonial

    Leilani suffered from serious injuries after being mauled by another larger Dog. Andrew describes how Leilani's prognosis was rapidly changed within 12 hours by the focused intent of his healing circle.
  • Andrew Saves His Dog - By Thought Alone!

    All of the professionals wanted to amputate the leg of his beloved dog. Andrew said NO and then proceeded to rewrite the dog's future. Listen to his story!
  • Lyn Nurses Coco Back From The Brink Of Death!

    Having learned over the years a variety of “energy healing” techniques when my miniature schnauzer (Coco) had been on life support for several days & I was told by the head vet at the Sydney university veterinary hospital “we need to talk when I get back on Friday after my day off” I finally “got” that they didn’t expect her to live. In fact AFTERWARDS he told me they’d never really expected her to recover. I guess they were keeping her alive with the blood transfusions etc ling enough for me to “let her go”.

    That night at home, after fully realising he intended to discuss with me on Friday that Coco should be euthanised I went to pieces completely. The bond between this little dog and I, even way back then, was so strong it was unthinkable to me that she could not recover, but she was too ill to operate and to find the internal bleeding the tests revealed and she was unable to eat or drink and was vomiting and had diarreah and could not do anything but lie there she was so weak from this “toxic assault on her liver” which could not be explained or further investigated.

    After sobbing for a very long time, I just went down on my knees and prayed for her life. I made a serious promise to God that night (& I’m keeping it). After awhile a felt at peace and finally got up. As I did, I suddenly “got” this notion that I could use Coco’s giant brown teddy bear as a surrogate for EFT (known as tapping). The thought came out of seemingly nowhere. I’d been so distressed and dependant on the vets at the hospital I’d completely forgotten about my training in EFT & other energy healing modalities.

    So that night – almost ALL night, I sat with that bear and I tapped away. First clearing Coco’s fear and loneliness from this entire episode, and any sadness about her “leaving”. Then I went through her body a bit at a time. I did this in between slipping into sleep propped up by pillows in my bed with this big brown bear on my lap.

    In the morning, as they had done each day, the hospital rang me to report on Coco’s condition after her blood tests.

    Today the vet who called me was a little more cheerful than usual. He said he didn’t want to raise my hopes too much or anything, but he said “something is different”.

    I asked if they minded if I came in that day and stayed with Coco for the whole day in the ICU. He said it would be fine. So I did! I explained to the staff what I wanted to do and why and they were all accommodating although possibly thought I was a little weird ;)

    Coco was still looking the same as the previous days but was able to wag her little tail ever so slightly when she heard my voice. I opened her cage, trying not to notice the stench of vomit and diarreah mixed together, or the plastic Elizabethan collar around her head to catch the vomit, or her shaved legs and the drip attached and I soothingly and gently began tapping directly on her head and working my way through the taping points.

    After an hour or so she brightened up considerably and I was told I could have the drip removed for a little while so I could carry her outside into the gardens and sunlight.

    So I took a big blanket from my car and spread it out under the shade of a huge tree there and “talked” to Coco about her ability to heal HERSELF. That she could begin remembering that she can do this, and that it was now going to be completely up to her to get well as the vets had done all that they could. I taped through this with her too.

    Within the NEXT hour, Coco was standing up, limping along with her bandaged legs, pee-ing on bushes like a normal dog, and even playing with her favourite ball a little. She was so weak that even walking a few steps made her unable to stand up but she just got better and better at it.

    That was Thursday, I’ll never forget it. On Friday when the head vet returned from his day off he phoned me in the morning. He couldn’t BELIEVE the change in Coco since he’d last seen her on Wednesday night. Coco’s red (or white, I can never remember which!) cell count had gone from 20 to over 200 in 24 hrs and by Monday it was almost doubl that again (from memory).

    On TUESDAY morning I took Coco home – to the absolute amazement of all concerned. It took about 6-8 weeks for her to regain her full health again (& I gave her all the medications prescribed for her as well).

    I believe in miracles, and that we can heal ourselves. It’s only a matter of time before our full potential to heal ourselves becomes known. In the meantime and for as long as I live, I’ll keep working with energy for healing. Sometimes it seems to work and others not so much but it’s worth the effort to try it on EVERYTHING :).

    I have other stories about this kind of thing but this is my favourite of all. Coco is still with me – 4 years later – but went blind in December – specialists say it was caused by “an auto-immune” response which literally attacked her retinas! Unbelievable. She can’t see a single thing.

    But like I said…I believe in miracles, and energy healing – and while medicine says it just isn’t possible for Coco to ever see again…well, anything’s possible I’ve been working with Coco this last 3 months using the 2 point (from Matrix Energetics). So let’s SEE!

    With love and healing light from our hearts to yours,
    Lyn & Coco