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Genius & Creativity Testimonials
  • Unity's Testimonial

    Unity describes an experience during the Santa Fe Advanced Week Long Retreat that seems to be a beautiful example of how 3D reality can blend with 5D this what the "next level" expanded human experience could be like?
  • Susie's Testimonial, Healing

    After a Level 2 in Houston, TX, I courageously took a leap of faith and stopped taking medication for Hashimoto's disease, an auto-immune disease where your body attacks your thyroid. This Dis-Ease was a product of my self-inflicted emotional injuries. I was living in utter dysfunction and I subconsciously chose survival, diverted from homeostasis and high beta became my normal state of being for many months. When my symptoms arose, they included severe hair loss, depression, inability to concentrate, chronic headaches, skin problems, bowel issues and a multitude of other debilitating symptoms. I knew I had created major imbalance in my body by barraging my mind with negative emotions and the physiological effects began to attack my body and affect my state of being. I knew that I was the cause of my effect and I knew I needed to take control and eventually wanted to heal this imbalance.

    I went to an Endocrinologist and he told me that this was genetic, although this was not in my gene line, that I would always be sick, that I needed to take Synthroid indefinitely and my anti-body count would never change. His diagnosis was so finite and didn't resonate with my truth. I respectfully declined his diagnosis and I then started to see a naturopathic Dr. who supported me in my venture to eventually cease all forms of medication.

    My results have been as follows; February 2011 TSH 3.61, TPO Antibody Count 638 (major imbalance) March 2011 TSH 2.46 TPO 530 (Synthroid Assisted then changed to Nature Thyroid) September 2011 TSH 1.15 TPO 450 (No medication, just elevated state of being, meditating everyday)

    I am living proof that these creations of Dis-Ease in the body can be healed by tuning into the quantum field and activating the healing, through multidimensional communication and tapping into the innate intelligence, the giver of life.

    I stopped taking medication soon after Houston and when I got my test results back from my Naturopathic Dr. he was so thrilled and asked 'what have you been doing?' 'How did you do this?'

    The steps that I took in order to break the habit of being myself and create an elevated state of being include;

    I reinvented myself and showed up with the spiritual intent to heal the thyroid imbalance that I created through Dis-Ease and giving my body the orders to heal itself, I re-conditioned the body to a new mind Made a conscious choice to break the habit of my old self and create a new self Woke up every day grateful for life and to the giver of life Changed my diet, cut all of my hair off, changed every single thing about my life, the way I thought, acted and created my day and always embraced the unknown Instead of being a victim to the imbalance, I allowed it to be my teacher and I surrendered to the infinite intelligence to do the healing for me I always live in an elevated state of being or pure joy, love and harmony and made this my permanent state of being Shortened the refractory period if I reacted to my external environment Bless anything that I digest with a healing mantra 4:30am meditations every day to become less dense, more frequency, reinvention of myself I am embodying the work, I decided to become the scientific project and took charge of my life and that you don't have to react purely to your environmental stimuli through your five senses, you are the boss, create the circumstances you want through conscious choice, knowledge, information and desire to change and made it the most important thing in my life! I believe in this work so much, you can create anything in life, we are such powerful beings, you just need to' break the habit of being yourself' and get out of your own way and be a gracious receiver of the universal truth that is your divine right!

    The journey continues and I am truly grateful to Dr. Dispenza and team for the on-going support and for being the catalysts for change and inspiring me to fall in love with my destiny, head for greatness and not the genetic propensity or survival!

    Thank you so much!
    I hope to see you again in CO
    Much love, light, happiness and prosperity,

    Susie G. - Arizona
  • Jan's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

    I am organizational development consultant and use expressive arts methodologies in my work to help groups of people communicate with and relate to each other more humanely and authentically. I just want to say that I've read both of Dr. Joe's books ' each several times. I have them on my Kindle so I can keep the ideas with me constantly.

    Also, in February, I attended my first workshop. I saw these ideas as a perfect complement to my current group and organizational work and have to say that the workshop sealed the deal for me that this work will infuse and inform the work I will do for the foreseeable future.

    Lastly, I am now in week two of the meditation (and by the way, the CD of the guided meditation is a VERY deep and transformative experience). Dr. Joe suggests we ask the Universe for signs of changes that are happening to us. I did. However, my changes are very subtle but also very meaningful.

    The thing I noticed immediately was that I have the sense that time has slowed down for me. It is such a subtle thing I almost thought not to write about it. But it has been such a calming, metacognitive experience. As time slows for me, I now recognize feelings of stress or anxiety in my body that were formerly completely outside of my awareness 'and can name them as things I was to un-memorize ' YAAAAA! And I am thinking that the release of the formerly invisible but very active stressors is a reason that I am experiencing my second sign which is, SO MUCH more energy for and enjoyment of my life experiences. I am in the process of writing a PhD dissertation and before the Intensive workshop was really struggling with that work. Now, the joy of my research topic, that I knew I loved, has returned and I am rockin' and rollin and seeing (and feeling) it all in a whole new light!

    Thanks Dr. Joe and to everyone who works with you to make this information available to us. I will see you all again in a couple of weeks.


    Jan S. - South Carolina
  • Adam's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

    Reading Dr. Joe Dispenza's book 'Evolve your Brain' changed my life. I would recommend to anyone who wants to understand more about their brain and how to effect meaningful change in their lives.

    Adam B. ' Washington