Frequently Asked Questions

Event Questions

  • When will Dr Joe be coming to an event near me?

    We can only verify events that are listed on our webpage. To see if Dr Joe is coming to a city near you please visit our event page. If your area is not listed please sign up for our newsletter where we make event announcements and send out great info.
  • I want to attend a Workshop, Where do I start?

    Great question! If you are wanting to do a workshop where you do live meditations, you want to start with a Live Progressive Workshop or an Online Progressive Workshop. (Dr. Joe very rarely conducts these live, however please check our events listings just in case.) When you register for that workshop you will want to take some time and do some prep work. That prep work is to first read the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. Then watch the 8 hour online Intensive Workshop (this will be emailed complimentary with the purchase of a Progressive Workshop)
  • I already purchased the Online Intensive Workshop, can I get a discount on the Progressive Workshop?

    The Online Intensive Workshop is complimentary with the purchase of the Progressive Workshop. It does not add any cost to the workshop. Therefore we cannot apply any discount.
  • I see an Event was just announced near me and registration is not open yet, When will registration open?

    We get this question a lot. We have to do a lot of work to get everything set up and prepared for the workshop. We do not open registration till all contracts are signed and finalized with everyone involved. This varies from event to event. We suggest you keep checking back for when registration is open. We appreciate your patience. - Because this question is asked so often, we are unable to answer these.
  • Can I pre-register for an event before registration opens?

    No, we do not do pre-registration. The only way to register is online when registration opens.
  • I signed up for an event and now cannot attend, how do I cancel?

    Please refer to the cancellation policy on the specific event page you are needing to cancel. Each event can have different policies. Once you know the policy you can cancel by following the instructions in your event confirmation email.  If you still have questions, then please email
  • I signed up for an event and I want to know the schedule?

    You can find an outline of the schedule on the website event page.
  • What language is the Workshop done in?

    All Dr Joes workshops are spoken in English. The native language is translated via headsets.
  • I want to go to the advanced workshop, but I have not been to a Progressive. I have been meditating for years, I am a coach is there any way I can go?

    We do not make any exceptions, Dr Joe teaches meditations in the progressive workshop that he expands on during the advanced. He wants to ensure everyone knows those and has been practicing.
  • I am on the waitlist, what place am I?

    Because of the movement and unpredictability with the waitlist, and the constant emails we get asking we are unable to give placement of where you are on the waitlist.

Product Ordering Questions

  • How Do I Download Files to My Smart Phone or Tablet?

    You will need to save your downloads onto your computer first. Extract the files from the zip folder and then right click over the file you have just saved and select 'open with' and choose iTunes, Windows Media Player, or whatever audio playing software program you use. You will then need to sync your audio player to your device.
  • How Do I Access the Online Intensive Workshop?

    After your purchase, you will receive an email with your Online Viewing Link.
  • Online Intensive Workshop Languages:

    If you need to view the Online Intensive in a different language other than what you received, please email our Product Department. Subtitles are only available in English, German, Italian and Spanish at this time.



Dr. Joe Live Questions

  • Dr. Joe Live Subscription Questions and Dates:

    Always log into your Dr. Joe Live Members page to find answers to your subscription questions, messages to members and upcoming Dr. Joe Live dates for the coming year!
  • As a Dr. Joe Live Member, where do I find the recorded calls?

    Recorded calls are waiting for you in your account on your Dr. Joe Live Members page, click here.
  • Need to Update, Delete or Add a New Card for Your Dr. Joe Live Subscription?

    Click here to login to your account and then select My Account > Credit Card. Please read the instructions on this page!
  • Would you like to ask Dr Joe a question?

    You must be on the live call and follow the host’s instruction to indicate you’d like to ask your question.