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Found Love Testimonials
  • Karen's Testimonial

    DKaren describes the intense yet loving energy she experienced during the group healing meditation at the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat.
  • Renates Erfahrungsbericht auf Deutsch

    Deutsch: Renate erzählt uns ihre Geschichte darüber, wie sie ihre leibliche Mutter wiedergefunden hat, nach Anwendung der Mediationen, die sie von Dr. Joe gelernt hat.
    English: Renate tells us her story of how, after 53 years, she was able to find her biological mother by applying the meditations learned by Dr. Joe.
  • Cynthia's Testimonial

    Desperately grieving her son's suicide last year, Cynthia came to the Santa Fe Advanced Week Long Retreat to regroup and heal. During a group healing session, she experienced a "purifying" love energy...and she is now inspired to not only resume her life, but also wants to find a way to help others.
  • Rachel's Testimonial

    Rachel was estranged from her ex-husband's family--her son's grandparents--for years, until she focused on healing the relationship during her meditations at the Cancun Advanced Workshop. During the workshop, she received an unexpected phone call, with a new opportunity to forgive, heal and move on.
  • Bernd & Pam's Testimonial

    Pam describes how she had focused on having a new relationship, and what attributes she wanted in a partner...and then she met Bernd at the Lake Garda Advanced Workshop in Italy.
  • Miriam's Testimonial

    Miriam says she was able to get through the death of her husband "in a blessed state" with the help of Dr. Joe's teaching and meditations.
  • Thomas & Alexandra's Testimonial

    Thomas shares his experience of "meeting" his future wife, Alexandra, and seeing their future together, during a walking meditation at the Advanced Follow-Up Workshop in Zurich.
  • Tim's Testimonial

    LOVE is the ultimate healing balm. Tim takes his inspiration from attending the Advanced Follow-up Workshop in Seattle in 2015 to those who need it the most.
  • Connie Re-unites Her Family Through Love and Creating a New Future

    Connie speaks about the remarkable changes that happened in her life after the Advanced Workshop in Colorado in 2013. Through love and the embracing of a new future, Connie heals a deep rift in her family, heals old wounds and re-unites her family.
  • Peter's Testimonial - Finds Love

    Peter experiences a profound change in his life at Dr. Joe's Advanced Workshop in Denver Colorado in July 2013