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Each month Dr. Joe teaches a unique live class, followed by an opportunity for Members to ask a question. The classes are approximately 1 hour in length on Zoom, usually held the last Thursday of each month at 12pm Pacific Time, unless otherwise posted.

This is a most popular class for valuable exclusive teaching gems and stories from Dr. Joe that are not heard elsewhere. It is also the only venue where you can have the opportunity to ask a question of Dr. Joe. Often, your question may be answered by a question someone else has asked.

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With his vast experience and deepening knowledge of how each one of us can unlock unlimited abilities and transform our lives for the better, these classes offer you a unique opportunity to continually learn and interact with Dr. Joe!

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Our February Dr. Joe Live class was titled ‘Engaging in an Emotional Healing’.

Dr. Joe built a model of understanding for us to use in our own meditations, to enhance the outcomes we are intending, as we engage in an emotional healing.


Along with a rich and valuable explanation of crossing through the veil from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind in meditation, Dr. Joe explained how to deal with effects that may arise, that will allow us to ultimately feel and become more wholeness and oneness.


Questions answered included

- How Dr. Joe works with energy in the room at an event, for the benefit of all attendees.

- Dr. Joe’s recommendation for a person with a neuromuscular disease, who is physically unable to do the ‘lie downs’ during a mediation, and how she can still surrender.

- If we’re practicing the formula, why can we not repeat a similar recent experience when we want to?


The recording of this class is now available in your Members Page for downloading along with the January recording ‘Braving Your Cravings’.


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