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When registering for Dr. Joe Live, please allow up to 2 hours for your subscription to be processed. If you register less than 2 hours before the live session, you will need to access your Zoom link from your Dr. Joe Live Members Page. You may also email Dr. Joe Live Support to manually receive your Zoom link to the live call, although please check your email or Members Page first.

In approximately 10 business days after each Dr. Joe Live Session, we will post a link to the recording on your Dr. Joe Live Members Page. So even if you miss the live Session, you will have an opportunity to listen to or download it. All you have to do is login!

The previous 2 recordings of Dr. Joe Live sessions will remain on your Members Page for 60 days only and are then rotated out when the newest recording is added.

For any questions, please email Dr. Joe Live Support:

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To update your credit card information at any time, please login to your account. Or contact Dr. Joe Live Support with your request and instructions will be sent to you via email.

You may cancel your subscription by email at any time.