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Career Testimonials
  • Natalia's Testimonial

    Natalia talks about how Dr. Joe's meditations take affirmations "to another level." She feels they have helped her to manifest a new job, and to realize her dream of speaking in public.
  • Connie's Testimonial

    Connie speaks about having a work related issue resolve itself after becoming very clear during a meditation at the Advanced Workshop in Cancun, Mexico in 2014
  • Wendy's Testimonial

    Dr Joe and team!

    OMG! Wow! Thank you sooo much. What an amazing journey this has been.

    I would just like to say that I have been following Dr Joes' work for several years mainly through books and Youtube clips. I went to the Melbourne progressive event as I live in NZ and that was the closest to me.

    That event was already massively profound and there were many pearls of information that I incorporated into my life and work. I was already changed after that event. As such I was inspired to come to Cabo!

    Well, what an amazing journey it was. I loved Mexico, ( I had not been to the US or this part of the world before as I come from Holland originally and always traveled to Europe). The resort venue was phenomenal (first resort experience as well!) But the teachings were beyond profound!

    It was so inspirational to see Dr Joe living his passion and to get to see the true authentic man (If i can even insult him enough to suggest he is a mere mortal). The level of dedication and love for 'us' was one of the greatest teachings of the weekend and really gave me permission to be my true and authentic self!

    Of course the teachings are so vast and deep. I am a Yoga teacher and teach a traditional northern Indian style of Yoga. Our focus in on Energy work and incorporates a lot of the breathing techniques and systems that we covered in the workshop. However, I have always felt I missed huge pieces of the puzzle and really resinate with a scientific and fact based approach to what I know to be truth. The method of teaching and the extend of where he got got us in such a short time! In the 15+yrs I have been involved with Yoga I have never experienced such a deep level of awareness and (for want of a better word) progress.

    Although I have as yet not manifested my object, I did have a manifestation.

    I hold retreats at a retreat centre in NZ that is always very popular and the venue has gotten very busy. I can only get one weekend in a year and have already got my dates for 2016 and 2017 booked!

    While I was at the workshop I kept thinking about how much I was looking forward to incorporating these teachings in my next retreat. ( I already use Yoga as a medium to teach Dr Joes' work) I was frequently visualising the retreat and seeing what sessions I would do etc.

    Well at the end of the workshop on Sunday I went back to my room and I got a email from the retreat centre that they had had a cancelation and did I want to run a retreat on the 20th to 22nd of November! I know it's not mind blowing as far as manifestations go, but I was pretty impressed and excited.

    I am so looking forward to sharing the teachings and enjoying the unfolding of more and more of my 5th dimension manifestations.

    Thank you all again for all that you do.

    With so much heart felt love and gratitude.

  • Fernando's Testimonial

    Fernando speaks about his profession as a waste water consultant and his trials with funding projects to heal the earth. He shares how he as taken the issues and problems he that he faces in achieving this within, into his meditations and has changed the outcome.
  • Fernando's Testimonial in Spanish

    Fernando speaks about his profession as a waste water consultant and his trials with funding projects to heal the earth. He shares how he as taken the issues and problems he that he faces in achieving this within, into his meditations and has changed the outcome.
  • Joel's Testimonial, Healing and a New Career

    My story:

    This is the story of how Dr. Joe's book Evolve Your Brain saved my life and showed me the potential of chiropractic.

    When I was 21 years old I was playing in my rookie year of semi pro soccer in Canada. I had just finished my 3rd year of undergrad and was at my peak in terms of fitness, school success, and overall happiness. Following a soccer game in Toronto, I had a beer on the team bus and felt something very wrong internally. There was severe pain and cramping with an increased need for bowel movements. The next day I couldn't get up out of bed. a couple of weeks went by where I was rushed to the hospital, turned away after waiting for 12 hours in the emergency room, couldn't eat, couldn't walk, couldn't even think because of the severe pain.

    I kept getting miss-diagnosed, sent home, told it was nothing more than diarrhea (finally diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis) and that I would be fine. Eventually my parents had me transferred to a larger city with a very high quality hospital. Due to inactivity, having 10-15 bowel movements per day, I was losing a lot of weight very quickly. I started out weighing 165 pounds being in Olympic-like form playing semi pro soccer and finished at 120 pounds of basically just bone.

    When I was transferred I had a team of gastroenterologists watch over me and treat me. I finally breathed a small sigh of relief. However, as the days passed by I kept getting worse and worse. I was so weak I could not sit up, roll over, walk, or even allow the weight of the hospital gown to touch my abdomen as it created too much pressure and pain. So after a few weeks of this my team sat down with me and gave me the scariest news I've heard in my young life. 'the drugs are not working, you are getting worse and worse, we need to perform surgery and remove your large intestine'. This meant I would have a colostomy bag on the outside of my body to collect waste matter. This also meant that I would not be able to return and play soccer, and it placed question marks on my future ability to woo a special woman, finish my undergrad, and live a normal life.

    In a matter of a few weeks I went from an almost unstoppable level of fitness, to a super skinny 120 lbs. bag of bones. Having just read Dr. Joe's book Evolve your Brain, I remembered the story of how he was injured, refused surgery, and healed himself in 3 months and was able to return to treat his patients. Over a month had gone by, I allowed my trust into these 'best doctors in Canada' and their best answer was to remove my organs' that night I decided that I had had enough of such a poor approach to healing. I was going to heal myself, return in time to finish my undergrad, return to play soccer, and live a normal healthy life.

    So when the docs returned the next morning I told them [the doctors] that I was going to heal myself and that I would be fine, refusing the surgery. They all rolled their eyes and once again strongly recommended they remove my intestines. I refused. A few days later they came back to see if I had changed my mind.

    I had already begun my journey back to normal balance at that point. Following what Dr. Joe did, since I could not sit up or walk, I would visualize the inflammation leaving my body, I visualized healthy tissue replacing the injured tissues. I ate simple foods like fruits and veggies to limit the amount of blood flow and energy required for digestion so that I could have more energy for healing.

    A week later I was finally able to start walking. One pass down the hall was enough to get me completely out of breath. Prior to this sickness I was able to run 20 miles easily. Less than 100m walk drained me completely. However every day I would walk just a little bit further. After a few weeks I was doing laps by the dozens getting my strength and endurance back. After 2 months straight in the hospital I was finally healthy enough to go home. I was still incredibly weak, so much so that I could not open doors by myself.

    I arrived home less than a week before classes started again and I finished my undergrad. It took me 2 years to get my full muscle mass back to be able to play high level soccer again but I was back to normal. After realizing how poor the medical system is and how powerful the mind and innate can be I thought about what I should do in terms of post-secondary education. I looked up chiropractic. Having already applied the philosophy it was easy to fall in love with it. Chiropractic was not some job I wanted to perform, it was a calling.

    I applied to Chiropractic College the summer after I graduated from undergrad and was accepted. Today, I just finished my clinic exit exam. All I have remaining is some paperwork, a side project, and my board exams.

    I was at the Parker seminar in Vegas just this past weekend and listened to Dr. Joe. What a tremendous speaker. I would personally like to thank him for changing my life around. I was told that I would never be the same, would not be able to go back to high level soccer, would have to live without my large intestine and live with Ulcerative Colitis the rest of my life. I have been off all medications' as of 3 months ago.

    I'm trying out for semi pro soccer this summer, will have graduated very soon, and can't wait to experience everything 'I wasn't supposed to'. Thank you Dr. Joe, you inspired me to become the best chiropractor I can possibly be, to educate and help treat anyone and everyone who suffers from chronic illness (and of course the chiropractic stuff).

    I look forward to hearing from you at future seminars, all the best,

    Joel M. - Canada
  • Lizzi's Testimonial, Business Boomed!

    My husband and I attended your workshop over the weekend. ..We have good results'. Where do I start?

    1. Monday, we finalized a deal with our American product suppliers, they are giving us 15% of their company in exchange for using our branding. No money down by us. A major achievement

    2. A product we thought we would have to wait 6 months to trial on a ship. We got an email Monday to say a ship is arriving in port next week. We were very surprised

    3. We decided to put product supply to the UK on hold because we had not located a distributor. Monday morning we had an email from someone who had been trailing our product, they loved it and said they wanted to be sole distributor in UK and they would dedicate a full time sales person to it. They put forward a proposal which is very favorable to us

    4. My ex-husband called and said he was going to sort 8 months of child support back pay.

    5. A company that we tried hard to work with a year ago and never got anywhere rang Monday and said they loved the product and wanted to buy it

    6. Tuesday morning, the new UK person ordered $25 k USD worth of product

    7. A project we thought had died last year has been given the green light ' it is for a massive job for a Saudi palace

    8. A client we have been working with has today approved us to complete fitouts for 78 sites!!!!! We thought we were only doing some initial paperwork

    9. Lastly but by no means the least'. We signed a deal on Tuesday with some Chinese buyers, the have committed to a product purchase minimum of $3million per year!! These Chinese only came to us 2 weeks ago and having worked with Asian and Indian people many times, we had thought this deal would take 6-12 months for anything to happen ' but no! It took only days. Totally gobsmacked.

    I said on Sunday in our sessions that I wanted to be knocked off my feet. Well I am being knocked off my feet daily since the workshops. I have never been so excited about life, nor have I been so excited about the 4.45am starts which I have managed to do daily since Sunday.

    I love the unpredictability of life.

    Dr. Joe you are amazing. You have big fans here in NZ. We'll see you in Mexico for level 3! Somehow I know we will get there.

    Lizzi H ' New Zealand
  • Steve's Testimonial, Prosperity In Business

    I have attended and experienced Dr. Joe Dispenza's Level One, Two and Three workshops entitled Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. The following is a personal and professional testimonial regarding how the information I learned at the workshops and the daily practices have helped improve my attitude, habits and behaviors in the workplace, increasing my ability to establish and sustain business relationships and increase revenue flow for myself and my employer.

    I am a construction executive for a fortune 100 firm. My company manufactures, installs, and services technology systems and environmental equipment to make buildings more comfortable, energy efficient, and safe. My role and responsibility is to secure new business for large construction projects. My customers are Building Owners/Managers, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors in the new construction of commercial buildings. I specify products, design applications, develop cost estimates, and perform negotiations with my customers to sell and secure new business.

    My story is that in the fall of 2010 I was caught in fear of failure. I felt I was not going to be successful. Doubt, worry, and blame was everywhere in my thoughts and feelings. I turned to using the meditative process to open myself to the field, and listened and studied Dr. Joe's suggestion on how to Break The Habit Of Being Yourself by attending his workshops, reading his books, and listening to his CDs. During my daily meditations I used affirmative feelings during the creative process of the meditation to feel myself as abundant, wealthy, confident, worthy, communicative, and having a service attitude for what I can bring to others in all my work environments.

    By using the meditative process on a daily basis, and focusing my intention on how I can be of more value to my customers, fellow teammates, and management, I was rocketed into a new level of performance. This performance was marked by adding value and serving others, rather than on achieving my sales goals. The sales success is a by-product of right thinking and doing. My keys to unlock myself and connect during my meditative focus were:

    Key # 1 Creativity. Being an electrical engineer and having to use strategy and innovation in my work, I envisioned my day stretching myself to generate new ideas and to direct my energies at reaching out to people to gain better understanding of their needs and to validate solutions. I envision myself as being this in my work.

    Key # 2 Communication. I had in the past been fearful of others rejection, and thus would not work hard to communicate with them. By over communicating with others I changed this and increased my effectiveness. I envision myself as being this in my work.

    Key # 3 Positivity. I rejected the thinking that I was inadequate, less than, and inferior. I rejected all the reasons why I can't. My focus became I am capable, I expect the best, I offer encouragement. I am grateful. I am joyful. I chose to think, feel and act as a successful businessman with integrity, and not entertain the old beliefs of inadequacy that held me back in my past. The integrity intention supports my increased abundance as a Sales Executive because I am helping my clients accomplish their construction goals. I envision myself as being this in my work.

    What occurred and continues to manifest is quite remarkable. Using the meditative process and the Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself tools, I recreate my day through active meditation with Source, thereby achieving a coherence within me that is attracting powerful energies that is transforming my work environment. I have transformed negative emotions of fear, inadequacy, pessimism, and emotional dishonesty into a state of being that is empowering, caring, honest, creative, and focused on service to others.

    The results have been that I was able to secure over $ 7 million in business in 2011 and one of the highest contributors in my region. I have been asked to be a mentor and a coach for others. I was told by my teammates that I was Mr Positive and have a good outlook and people enjoyed working with me. Considered a regional systems integration expert (creative), I have been asked to team with many others on projects to assist them in this creative area of the business. I received an excellent performance rating and have earned 60 % more income in 2011 over 2010. All of this in a construction market that has declined each year for the last four years. /p>

    What has really struck me more than the outward signs of success is the sense of being within myself. I have an energy, a coherence, a vibration which allows me to know deep within myself that I am connected, a channel of power, and a radiant human being. This energy is transmitted into my work environment to others I meet, work, and engage with on a daily basis. And when doubts, fears, and feelings of inadequacy crop up, I turn back to Source for my solution. Fear no more as faith and reliance on Source is taking me on a great adventure of co-creation, thus I have a life of spiritual prosperity.

    I am deeply grateful to Dr. Joe Dispenza's work, the daily meditations and the tools he has taught me throughout my journey. By embracing the new self I have become, I am living out loud today in my personal and professional life.

    Steve N. - Colorado
  • Carey's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

    I have to say that I have had so many 'you are not going to believe this' moments since attending the workshop. Thanks to Dr. Joe and his wonderful teachings. I have just been selected to be one of the presenters for a new Channel 4 TV show and this is what I imagined in every meditation for 6 weeks.

    Carey M ' London, UK
  • Jan's Testimonial, Creating a New Reality

    I am organizational development consultant and use expressive arts methodologies in my work to help groups of people communicate with and relate to each other more humanely and authentically. I just want to say that I've read both of Dr. Joe's books ' each several times. I have them on my Kindle so I can keep the ideas with me constantly.

    Also, in February, I attended my first workshop. I saw these ideas as a perfect complement to my current group and organizational work and have to say that the workshop sealed the deal for me that this work will infuse and inform the work I will do for the foreseeable future.

    Lastly, I am now in week two of the meditation (and by the way, the CD of the guided meditation is a VERY deep and transformative experience). Dr. Joe suggests we ask the Universe for signs of changes that are happening to us. I did. However, my changes are very subtle but also very meaningful.

    The thing I noticed immediately was that I have the sense that time has slowed down for me. It is such a subtle thing I almost thought not to write about it. But it has been such a calming, metacognitive experience. As time slows for me, I now recognize feelings of stress or anxiety in my body that were formerly completely outside of my awareness 'and can name them as things I was to un-memorize ' YAAAAA! And I am thinking that the release of the formerly invisible but very active stressors is a reason that I am experiencing my second sign which is, SO MUCH more energy for and enjoyment of my life experiences. I am in the process of writing a PhD dissertation and before the Intensive workshop was really struggling with that work. Now, the joy of my research topic, that I knew I loved, has returned and I am rockin' and rollin and seeing (and feeling) it all in a whole new light!

    Thanks Dr. Joe and to everyone who works with you to make this information available to us. I will see you all again in a couple of weeks.


    Jan S. - South Carolina