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Brighton, United Kingdom, Event Information November 19 - 25, 2018
"The main purpose of meditation is to remove your attention from the environment, your body, and the passage of time so that what you intend, what you think, becomes your focus instead of these externals. You can then change your internal state independent of the outside world"

Dr. Joe Dispenza

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We will regularly update this page with important information regarding how to prepare for your event with Dr. Joe. We will also notify you by email of any changes and post them here. At the end of your event, we will post the music and meditations along with any resources that Dr. Joe shared with you during the workshop.

Workshop Theme


Coherence Healing Meditation Request Form: Click Here
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Application Form: Click Here


Mind Movies Labs

If you need any further assistance with creating your Mind Movie, we will have some optional Mind Movie labs during the workshop. These will be conducted during the following times:

Monday 19th: 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Tuesday 20th: Lunch Break and between 7:30 - 9:00 pm
Wednesday 21st: Lunch Break and between 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Location/Room: to be announced

Team Leader Assignments

You will receive your team assignment 1-3 weeks prior to the event. you will be notified via email from Please watch your email and check the app for updates on when team assignments will go out. If you still have not received your team assignment after the notification has gone out, please email


Cancellation Policy

REFUNDS: Due to the stringent booking arrangements and commitments required by our outside venues and in order to pass along special rates to our guests, refunds will only be allowed until October 19th, 2018.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we must commit to the hotel venue for all registrants right away. An admin fee in the amount of $100 will be applied to all refunds and a $25 change fee will be applied to any registration changes or substitutions. Again, no refunds allowed within 30 days of the event.


If you paid by PayPal and you are cancelling within the dates of the policy for this event, you will also need to email once you have completed the cancellation process online. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this will ensure you receive your funds if eligible within the scope of the policy above.

REGISTRATIONS ARE NONTRANSFERABLE. Please do not sell your ticket to anyone! This includes personal friends or family, or anyone on social media. We have a very strict qualification process for these events. Registration must be in the name of the qualified registrant upon arrival at the event or the ticket will not be valid.

QUALIFICATIONS: In order to qualify for this event, you must have previously completed a Dr. Joe Progressive Workshop (Live or Online). If you have not yet completed this requirement, or know someone that might be interested, you will find more information on purchasing the Online Progressive Workshop needed to qualify for the Week Long Advanced Retreats here: ONLINE PROGRESSIVE

Walking Meditation Download Instructions

To ensure successful access to your Walking Meditation, you want to FULLY DOWNLOAD it to your device BEFORE the workshop so you can access it while outside and NOT connected to WIfI.


Be sure you are in an area with a strong Wifi connection.


Download the App:
To play the Walking Meditations on your Apple or Android device, please download our free "Making Your Mind Matter" App. Click on one of the links below to download for your operating system.

Download in the App Store Download in Google Play

Note: If you are using an IOS (Apple device,) please ensure that you have downloaded the most recent version of the App. We highly recommend that you delete any version that you have previously installed and download the latest updated version from the store.Please click on the "change language" icon in the top right hand corner of the App to select your language (English is the default)
* Select your workshop from the list of "Upcoming Events."
* Enter Code: present18
* You may stream the meditations by clicking on the "Play" button or download the meditations directly to your phone for access when outside of Wifi or cellular coverage by clicking on the "Download" icon.

Note: Due to the size of the audio files, they may take some time to download depending upon internet speed. We recommend that you fully download all meditations to your device in a location with a reliable internet connection before you arrive at the workshop.

Once downloaded to your device, you may access your offline files by clicking on "Offline Materials" in the lower right-hand corner of the App on the bottom menu bar. Click on your event to reveal all of your downloaded files for the workshop. Click the "Play" button to listen.

Note: We suggest you test that you are able to play your meditations outside of cellular and Wifi coverage by placing your phone temporarily into airplane mode and then playing them.

If you need support, please email



Hilton Brighton Metropole
Kings Road, Brighton,
East Sussex, BN1 2FU


Please note: We will have some very early morning starts along with evening activities so staying at the onsite hotel would be most beneficial.

Encephalon has secured a room block at the Hilton Brighton Metropole as a courtesy. Room rates not included in workshop price. Encephalon is not responsible for accommodations. All rooms are based on availability.

Room Rates starting at: 115 GPB



Registration: Monday November 19th starting at 12PM
Workshop Begins: Monday evening November 19th approx. 4PM (Exact time to be announced.)
Workshop Ends: Sunday November 25th at approx. 1PM



Breakfast, Lunch, & Coffee/Tea Breaks included in Workshop Price: Monday-Sunday ONLY (Only 1 coffee break on Sunday)



This Workshop will be a Timeless Event!
Dr. Joe does not want to be committed to a schedule for this event, as he would like for us all to experience Being Timeless


We do recommend that you plan to arrive by noon on Monday Nov. 19th. as you will need to register and also check in with your Team Leader once registration opens and plan your departure after 3:00 PM on Sunday Nov. 25th, 2018. The workshop will end early afternoon on Sunday approx.1:00 PM.


Please note that once a meditation is started there will be no admittance into the room. Furthermore, if you need to leave a meditation at any time, for any reason, you will not be able to re-enter the room. We understand emergencies happen, but we cannot disrupt the group. Please try to use the bathroom well beforehand and/or at breaks.

Event App

In the coming weeks leading up to the event, you will receive an email invitation to download our event Attendee Hub mobile app. It has all the important information you'll need, along with features to enhance your event experience! Simply follow the instructions in the email.


Team Assignments

As a participant in the Week Long Advanced Retreat, you will be assigned a Team Leader and will be part of a team of 60 participants. Your Team Leader is there to help facilitate workshop activities, help you with the work, and support you in having a successful experience at the workshop. We will assign you to a Team Leader, based on the questions that you answered when you registered. You will receive a separate email, closer to the event, with your team assignment, which will come from



Reserved seats are not provided. Every morning each participant chooses their seat for the current day. At the end of each day, you will be asked to remove your belongings. Anything left will go to the Lost & Found.


What I might need?

* Journal, Note Pad and Pens
* Pillow, Blanket and/or Towel – if you would like to sit on the floor for mental rehearsals/meditations
* Eye Shade – if you would like to block out the light during the mental rehearsals/meditations
* Headphones - Bring your favorite/best headphones (full cup over ear) or earbuds (in-ear) for Mind Movies


Mind Movies

Please incorporate the workshop theme into your Mind Movie:  download image


Mind Movies are a fun and simple technology which allows people to create, share, visualize and materialize their ultimate dream life!

For those of you who have attended some of our previous Advanced Workshops or Week-Long Advanced Retreats, then you already know the power of Mind Movies to initiate powerful change in your life. For those of you who are attending an Advanced Workshop or Week-Long Advanced Retreat for the first time and have not yet had the privilege of using this marvelous tool of change, you will receive login details directly from Mind Movies along with video instructions (see link below) within 10 business days so that you can get started. The more prepared you are for the workshop the faster your dreams will start to manifest.

If you are new to this process, however, a Mind Movie is a digital vision board… a short, powerful movie filled with uplifting images, photos, and inspiring music that you choose and then watch for just a few minutes a day.

See how easy it is to make your Mind Movie!

Watch this short video

Have fun, it's easy! The important thing is to just start. Remember you are a creative genius! The Encephalon staff has made their Mind Movies and they loved making them! The point is: Just get into it and have a blast!

We recommend that you have your Mind Movie created and downloaded to your device- tablet or smartphone, BEFORE you arrive at your event.
However, if you are still having trouble, BE SURE TO BRING YOUR LAPTOP OR TABLET WITH YOU to create your Mind Movie onsite.


Stay Connected!

7- 10 days after the event we will add the following resources to this page: Music Track links to purchase from Amazon of all the music that Dr Joe used, Video links for the inspirational videos shown by Dr Joe, Advanced Workshop & other Event Info, Product Info, Facebook Page, Student Forum, NCS info, etc.



* Please turn off your cell phones during the entire event!
* No recording, per our publisher’s request. If we find anyone recording during the workshop, we will nicely ask you to discontinue recording and delete any files.
* Temperature: We do our best to keep the room comfortable, so if today is too cold for you, prepare for tomorrow by dressing in layers or bring a blanket.
* For the comfort of your fellow students, we ask you to please refrain from wearing strong colognes deodorants, lotions, essential oils, or perfumes while at the workshop.
* Music: Dr Joe likes to use music to fill the space during meditations so that you can go deeper. If you have any sensitivity to sound, please move away from the speakers.
* If you need any assistance please find a staff member.
* We will have a Lost & Found at the event should any of your items go missing.



We encourage you to take photos before and after the workshop and during breaks to share with family and friends and as a reminder of your workshop experience. When posting to Social Media, please use the Hashtags: #drjoe, #drjoedispenza or #whereintheworldisdrjoe. Please note however that photo, video, & audio recordings during the workshop and of Dr. Joe's slides, visual presentation, whiteboards and banners on the wall is strictly forbidden.


Product Store

The Product Store will be open during certain times throughout the event. You will be notified of the exact store hours at the workshop.


Advanced Products
Now that you have registered for an Advanced Workshop with Dr. Joe, you have access to many of our restricted products for Advanced Students only, that are not accessible on the public Dr. Joe website. Only begin to use these products after you have gained the knowledge from Dr. Joe at your retreat. Please do not share this link with others. Advanced Products may also be found through your Event App once the workshop has begun.


Click here to access Advanced Workshop Mediations, CDs and Downloads, in English, French, German, Italian & Spanish.