Modern Neuroscience has made it a fact that in meditation, a huge amount of changes in the brain occur. If you do a simple search on Pubmed, you get more than 5000 results. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Not every considerable research is published there yet.

Meditation has shown to help people to have healthier and happier lives. But the brain is not only the organ that allows us to think, remember, learn, and act. In our research, we use cutting edge Neuroscientific technology to explore the boundaries and levels of perception, awareness, and consciousness. We as humans have to increase the knowledge to help us as species in general.

With the groundbreaking work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, we all work together to make the highest goals possible. With the measurements we do in the work with Dr. Joe Dispenza, we can obtain new findings helping us to better understand the rules and patterns of how higher consciousness shows itself in the brain.

Still, we are just in the beginning as this is a huge endeavor. We know that our observations and data put together quantum physics, fractal geometry, and math into something the world has never seen before. 

With our measurements, we help clients to see their potential. Our stage explanations during Dr. Joe Dispenza's retreats are designed to be educational, as well as motivational for we show current fantastic results from meditator's measurements. Our consultations with the clients bring their guessing to knowing about the change in their brain waves developed during meditations. We guide meditators, according to their energy signature, of how to achieve their states of balance and higher levels of energy by using meditations.

It is a high honor of working with Dr. Joe Dispenza and with all the participants from all over the world. It has taken our knowledge of body and mind to a new territory. During Dr. Joe Dispenza's workshops and retreats, we have been able to measure and to see the results we did not think were possible before. The stunning results deserve the term "Supernatural". We are enthusiastic and curious about what we will further explore and discover together on our journey in the quantum field.

In this historical moment, we thank Dr. Joe Dispenza from the bottom of our hearts, for engaging our Brainmapping team, and to discovering and revealing through our work together a great knowledge humanity deserves to use, for the advancement of the human race and humanity.

Co founders and Scientists of The Brain Research Unit, Dr. Danijela Debelić, Mr. Thomas Feiner, Mr. Normen Schack, Mr. Frank Hegger. Brain Research unit for reports -



Medical Doctor, Consultant of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine Certified Heart Ultrasound Chief Instructor, Course Director, Speaker and Lecturer

Co-Founder of Heart Ultrasound School in University Hospitals in Croatia and Austria

Co-Founder, Lecturer and Organizer of The Brain Research Unit

Organizer, Speaker and Member of The Brain Research Unit for Dr. Joe Dispenza's retreats and exclusive NCS workshops globally

Peak Performance Health Coach
IFEN Neurofeedback Therapist

Dr. Med. Danijela Debelic is blazing trails and exploring new horizons with her avant-garde techniques and organic approach to medicine, heart-mind connection and commitment to healing people.


Founder and director of the “Institute For EEG-Neurofeedback” (IFEN) in Munich BCIA BCN Certified, Peak Performance Coach, International Instructor, Speaker, and Lecturer

Scientific education and workshops for Neurofeedback, Quantitative EEG, Neuromeditation in Europe and worldwide

Creator of CAPITO software (Cognitive And Psychological Test Operations) that evaluates one’s precognitive and emotional decision making processes. Also used in Neuroscience research (Event-Related Potentials) and Brain-Imaging

Co-founder of The Brain Research Unit

Member and expert of the brain research unit for Dr. Joe Dispenza's international workshops and retreats

Mr. Thomas Feiner is explorer of advanced possibilities of human mind in healing and learning people.


Healing Practitioner and Occupational Therapist
Certified Neuromeditation Therapist and Teacher

Founder of the Human Frequency Center, a world wide franchise for Healing and Developement

QEEG Expert

Peak Performance Coach

Certified Neurofeedback Instructor I.F.E.N.

Co-owner “Ergotherapie und Neurofeedback in Hannover”

Co-owner “Genius-Release” Center

Co-founder of The Brain Research Unit

Member and technical support of the brain research unit for Dr. Joe Dispenza

Mr. Normen Schack is passionate about human mind and helping people. He uses all measurements and techniques in his Clinic to support humans for healing or for development.


Ocupational Therapist

Healing Practitioner

Bio-Neurofeedback, QEEG

Parental Coaching ADD/ADHD

Climbing Therapie

Co-Founder of the Human Frequency Center, a world wide franchise for Healing and Developement.

Co-owner “Ergotherapie und Neurofeedback in Hannover”

Co-owner “Genius-Release” Center

Co-founder of The Brain Research Unit

Member and customer support of The Brain Research Unit for Dr. Joe Dispenza

International Workshops and Retreats

For Mr. Frank Hegger it is always important to find new ways for the therapy, to show people how it is possible to make changes happen in their lives.



QEEG technician and processor

Neurofeedback work with brain injuries, dementia, strokes, autism, ADHD and learning disabilities

Technitian to Brain Research Team during Dr. Joe workshops

Spiritual Relationship counseling with parents and teenagers

Family Crisis Liaison in ICU

Has reviewed and studied over three thousand brain maps from Dr. Joe events

Graduate of the Brainmapping and Neurofeedback program

Continuing education in psychology

I am grateful to be working in a field of such great importance with Dr. Joe Dispenza and Brainmapping Team.  


Industrial Engineer 

NCS Corporate Consultant 

Team Leader Dr. Joe Dispenza weeklong advanced events 

Certified Brainmapping and Neurofeedback Technician 

Technician in the team of The Brainmapping Research Unit during Dr. Joe Dispenza international workshops and retreats 

Ms. Claudia Ruiz is passionate about learning, teaching and leading people towards their greater versions of themselves, intensively contributing to the international work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and the Brain Research Unit.


Alpha Coherence

Pulsing Gamma Wave Readings

Gamma Waves During Relaxation Time of Meditation

Theta Waves During Pineal Gland Meditation