Emit Your Energy and Consciousness To Create The Reality of Your Dreams

Introducing the Blessings of the Energy Centers Meditation Guided by Dr. Joe Dispenza

receive a new consciousness to heal and create

Everything in our known universe is made up of or emits, light and information, or energy and consciousness. That means your body is not only made up of these energies, but it is consistently and continuously sending and receiving light and information or energy and consciousness. The energy centers in your body are centers of information.

All frequency carries information and the majority of these frequencies exists beyond our daily senses. During this meditation, you will learn to sense, or tune into each of the different frequency centers just like tuning a radio dial. 

Blessings of The Energy Centers Meditation

Everything in the physical universe is made up of subatomic particles such as electrons. By their very nature, these particles are potentially “every thing” and “no thing" until they are observed by a consciousness.

Everything in our physical reality exists as pure potential.

If subatomic particles can exist in an infinite number of possible places simultaneously, we are potentially capable of collapsing into existence an infinite number of possible realities.

In other words, if you can imagine a future event in your life based on any one of your personal desires, that reality already exists as a possibility in the quantum field, waiting to be observed by your consciousness. 

If your mind can influence the appearance of an electron, then theoretically it can influence the appearance of any possibility.

"Your job is to raise the frequency of matter with new information. We know that if you combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion you will begin to affect matter.”
- Dr. Joe Dispenza