United in Blooms of Consciousness

United in Blooms of Consciousness

Dr Joe Dispenza | 03 February 2017

When you stare into a beautiful, expressive flower, it is very easy to understand how it is connected to all of nature. Originating in the unseen beneath the earth’s surface, the flower begins as the possibility of a seed. When environmental conditions such as water, temperature, oxygen, soil, and photosynthesis conspire, these conditions enable the seed to become a sprout. The sprout then grows into a bloom, which is the full expression of the flower as matter. It is nothing short of a miracle that a simple seed stored with so much potential ultimately becomes an expression of something so beautiful. 

Eventually, the plant’s matter begins to break down and decay until finally its remaining nutrients return to the earth from whence it came. Along its journey it provides shelter for insects, gives bees purpose, and turns carbon dioxide into oxygen, all the while performing a host of additional functions that engender an ecosystem’s balance, order, and wholeness. When viewed through this lens, it’s impossible to separate the journey of the flower with the cycle of Mother Nature.

Have you ever wondered what the force or energy is that enables the bloom? That life force is the unified field, an invisible vital field of energy that governs all the laws of nature, from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics. We could call this the mind of God, nature, unity, source energy, the observer observing and organizing this reality into form, or a host of other nomenclatures that attempt to define the organizing principle of the universe. It is this energy—this highest form of consciousness—that animates and instructs the seed, turning unmanifested and undirected potential and possibility into matter. It also happens to be the same energy that creates supernovas in distant galaxies, causes volcanic eruptions, keeps planets in alignment, maintains faster than the speed-of-light communication within and between our cells, and makes the electron appear within the atom when under observation.

In this 3D realm of physical matter we live in, the unified field is always directing energy into order by patterning light into form—after all, how could there be a universe of orbiting moons, planets, suns, solar systems, and intelligent life post the Big Bang? There must be a highest intelligence or energy bringing it all into order and existence.

When you understand the flower’s interconnectedness to all things, and you understand that the energy which inhabits the flower is simply a bloom of consciousness animating matter, you can understand that because we are all connected by the unified field, we too are blooms of conscious in matter. The more we work to understand our interconnectedness to each and everything—the blossoms of early spring, the air we breathe, the need for friends and community, the earth we stand upon, the food we eat, the fragility of a newborn, the feeling produced from silent snows falling upon harvested fields, the awe we experience witnessing sunrise at the ocean’s edge—the more we can understand our connection to both the seen and unseen.

I always say that where we put our attention is where we put our energy. Because we are a part of the unified field and it is a part of us, just like it is always directing energy towards more coherent forms and frequencies of energy, through our awareness we too have the power to self-direct this energy. The first step towards being able to do this is understanding the fact that consciousness is greater than matter—that matter is simply the servant of consciousness. Once you understand and embody this principle, through your awareness you too can alter and organize matter in more intelligent ways.

If the energy of the unified field is the same energy that gives us life, and this field is always directing energy towards higher degrees of order and wholeness, then when we tap into or merge with it, we too are embodying greater degrees of order and oneness. This is the journey towards love, health, healing, and wholeness. In this 3D realm of physical matter, our body is a highly sophisticated instrument of consciousness; it is the machinery for the journey of our consciousness towards the highest expression of its bloom.

The unified field is an abundant, ubiquitous energy of the universe that is both within us and around us, and because it is us and we are it, we can’t be separated from it. However, because most of us focus our energy on matter and not frequency or consciousness, we’ve been fooled into thinking there is lack, scarcity, and separation, and this causes us to fight over religion, politics, borders, resources, gender, race, identity, and so on. If only we understood we were one and of one we might take a bit better care of ourselves, our neighbors, and our planet.

At the core of our being, we are tiny mirrors of consciousness, using our awareness to reflect the beauty of creation in an endless kaleidoscope of experiences. In each mirrored angle is a possibility of who we can become and a dimension in which we can exist. It is only when we direct our awareness—from a place of love—towards that reflection that we become the reflection. After all, we are blooms of consciousness—the expression and awareness of directed energy in matter.