Tuning In With Your Heart: Creating Your Future

Tuning In With Your Heart:

Creating Your Future

Dr Joe Dispenza | 24 October 2023

Last week, my team and I released “Tuning In With Your Heart” – a new meditation designed to help you tune in to the energy of your future by activating and opening your heart. I’d like to take a moment to tell you more about this powerful, 30-minute meditation.

If you’ve been in this work for some time, you’ve probably realized we begin almost every meditation with at least one song to open our hearts. Why? In short, it’s because the heart is the center of creation. It’s where wholeness begins; where we connect with our divinity. The heart is where we practice feeling elevated emotions – such as love, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, trust, care, kindness, and inspiration.

As you cultivate and sustain these emotions, your heart becomes coherent. And our research tells us from this point, energy moves directly into the brain. In a sense, the heart is informing the brain it’s time to create. From here, the brain moves into coherent alpha brain waves – the brain state in which we imagine, dream, and open our minds to possibilities.

You can think of the heart, then, as a “springboard” – thus, opening the heart isn’t the end of the process of creation; it’s the beginning. So, when you begin a meditation by opening and activating your heart, you’re generating the heart coherence that – combined with brain coherence – is essential to create.

Synchronizing Your Energy to Unlimited Possibilities

In this work, you learn that infinite potential realities exist in the quantum field – that invisible field of unifying energy that exists beyond your senses; beyond matter; beyond the three-dimensional reality in which we live.

You learn to work with energy as frequency – frequency that carries information.

You can tune in to different frequencies by working with your thoughts (in the brain), which are electric – and your feelings (in the heart), which are magnetic. And how you think, combined with how you feel, creates an electromagnetic field that has direct effects on your life. There is excellent research from the HeartMath Institute showing that magnetic field spans anywhere from three to 10 feet in diameter, depending on the amplitude of the heart coherence. So, just like beating a big drum produces resonant waves of sound, the heart is capable of producing really strong magnetic fields.

In my online and in-person Progressive Retreats, I teach different methods to access and create from the field by working with this formula of combining a clear intention (a function of a coherent brain) that sends a signal out, and an elevated emotion (a function of a coherent heart) that creates a magnetic field.

One way to do this is to start with the brain. You get clear on what your intention is, and then marry it with an elevated emotion – teaching your body, chemically, what it would feel like to experience your new future.

“Tuning In With Your Heart” offers another way to do it. In this meditation, you begin with first activating the heart to produce that magnetic field, open to that future, and tune in to that possibility. And then, you combine your coherent heart with your coherent brain to broadcast electromagnetic signatures into the field.

In other words, instead of starting with the brain, you can start with the heart. It’s just another way to create by changing your energy. You practice feeling the emotions of the possibility that exists in the field before you experience it. It’s the emotions of the heart that bond us to people and things we love. So, when you feel the feelings of your new future, you’re bonding to it – and drawing it to you.

Whatever you broadcast into the field is your experiment with destiny. Think of it like this: The more coherent the brain and heart; the more coherent the signal; the more coherent the information being sent out into the field – and the more powerful the magnetic attraction of that future reality in your life.

When there’s a vibrational match between your energy and some potential in the quantum field, opportunities and coincidences appear in your life. That’s because you’re synchronizing your energy to those possibilities by tuning into them with your heart.

Activating and Opening Your Heart

I often receive questions from students about how to activate and open their heart. This is especially common for those new to the work. Here are some simple suggestions you can try:

  1. When you first sit down (or stand, or lie down, depending on the practice) for your meditation, gently place your hands over your heart. Studies suggest that doing so activates the release of oxytocin, known as the “feel-good” or “love” hormone. You’re giving your heart energy, generating feelings of safety and trust – a great place from which to create.
  1. Next, take a moment to sit with yourself before your meditation. Acknowledge your effort in showing up for yourself as a soul on your journey home back to source. As you evolve your practice and become more comfortable, my hope is you’ll feel love and gratitude for yourself – even before you begin.
  1. With your hands still on your heart, ask yourself: What would it be like to be in my new future? If I really were in a whole new reality, how would I feel? What would be the consciousness of that reality – and what would that energy feel like? And, as you play it out in your mind, allow yourself to feel the feelings of that new future in your heart.
  1. If you’re having trouble opening your heart, think of something, or someone, that evokes elevated emotions. For many people, this is their child or partner – or even a beloved pet. Think of whatever, or whomever, brings you feelings of love and joy. Ultimately, you’re teaching your body to feel these feelings ahead of a new experience. As you become more practiced at this, you can naturally, emotionally, connect to your intentional new creation.

Falling in Love With Your New Future

When the heart switches on, it informs the brain to move into an imaginary state. This is the coherent alpha brain wave state I talked about earlier – in which you dream; in which you imagine; in which you create your new future. When your heart is open, you fall in love with that future. And when your heart is coherent, you create the field of magnetism that draws it to you.

Remember, there’s more than one way to work with energy. “Tuning In With Your Heart” offers another way to create. Another way to dream of your future and bond with it. Another way to fall in love with your life – and yourself. I hope you enjoy it.


Experiment with destiny. Visit the Tuning In With Your Heart product page to learn more.