The Role of Brainwaves in Meditation: Part II

The Role of Brainwaves in Meditation:

Part II

Dr Joe Dispenza | 16 December 2020

As I mentioned in Part I of this blog, by changing our brainwaves from beta to alpha to theta, we are able to bypass the analytical mind in order to enter the body’s operating system—otherwise known as the autonomic nervous system or the subconscious mind. Measuring in at approximately the size of an apricot and located midbrain, directly under the neocortex (the thinking brain), exists the limbic brain, which is the seat of the autonomic nervous system. When we can consciously enter the midbrain by slowing down our thinking and changing our brainwaves, we can begin to influence—program/reprogram—our body in very specific ways.

Now imagine for a moment the autonomic nervous system as a subway line with seven stops on it. On the subway map, you see that each stop—representing a specific neighborhood—is color-coded. As we know of neighborhoods, every neighborhood has its own restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, type of people, architecture, green spaces, and so on. After all, it’s these differentiating factors that make one neighborhood distinct from the other. Of course, since we are talking about the autonomic nervous system, instead of each subway stop being a neighborhood, these neighborhoods” are hubs of information called energy centers.

Just as a neighborhood has its own vibe, each center has its own energy or frequency, and frequency carries information. As such, each center also carries its own intent, and thus manufactures its own chemicals and hormones. These energy centers also possess unique plexuses of neurons, which essentially afford them their own mini brains. All of these centers are under the control of the autonomic nervous system, so as we bring coherence and order to each center, the cells, tissues, and organs of the body that relate with each center begin receiving more balance, coherence, and orderliness.

It makes sense then that when the brain is functioning in beta brainwaves (or the thinking neocortex is active), it is impossible to make any real changes in the body because the majority of the brain’s energy is in the neocortex and separate from the limbic brain. Only when you learn how to intentionally change your brain waves and move to alpha and theta patterns can you signal (or program) your autonomic nervous system to automatically take the orders—equal to the information you give each center. Since frequency—or energy— carries information, the more coherent the energy is in each energy center, the more it can carry a clear message of information to the autonomic nervous system.

When I first began teaching this work, we started by practicing putting our attention on different parts of our bodies and the space around our bodies. For instance, I would ask our students to place their attention on the space their nose occupied in space, and then on the space around their head. This was practice, training, and preparation for moving on to the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditations. Why? Because as we place our attention on each energy center and the space around it, we can begin to intentionally lay more coherent energy and information in and around that center, thus informing each center with a new, more orderly energy.

In this act, we use our awareness and attention to literally practice finding a coordinate—or target—in the body. This is called a convergent focus which means we are narrowing in our focus on an object, person, or thing. Once we locate this target, we then tune into the energy of each individual center and focus on the space around each center. This is called a divergent focus, and when we do this, we can create more coherence in that specific energy center. According to the quantum model of reality, since everything in three-dimensional reality is made of particle and wave (matter and energy), think of the target of each energy center within the body as the particle or matter, and the space around your body as the energy or the wave. This is what the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditations are all about.

And so through this simple act of blessing our energy centers—which is to say, bringing more order and coherence to them through love or some other elevated emotion—many people in our work have healed themselves from numerous health conditions.

Target Practice in the Quantum Field

In our Blessing of the Energy Centers” meditations, as we rest our attention in each one of these energy centers, we are targeting a coordinate. When we become aware of the space around each center, we are tuning into each center’s unique energy. While, traditionally, these energy centers have been called chakras,” due to the fact that plexuses of neurons intersect at each energy center (as an example, approximately 40,000 plexuses of neurons connect into the heart), whenever you have a plexus of neurons, as they become activated with energy, they have their own unique minds.

When we are constantly living in survival and stress, over time the brain is knocked out of homeostasis. As this imbalance occurs, in order to combat the threat in our outer world, the autonomic nervous system steps in to mobilize energy. As a consequence, we start overdrawing energy from these energy centers, eventually knocking the whole body out of homeostasis.

When we rest our attention in these centers, however, as we become aware of them and the space around them—because where we place our attention is where we place our energy—as we zero in on that coordinate with our attention, our energy flows there.

Now here's the most important part: if we are successful with our target practice and if we not only tune into but also receive energy in each one of these centers, we can amplify them with more coherence in each individual mini brain. In other words, when each one of these centers’ mini brains become more coherent—they will send a more coherent message to the corresponding cells, tissues, organs, and glands to create more hormonal, chemical and neurological balance—resulting in the autonomic nervous system rebalancing the body (which of course is the function of the autonomic nervous system).

If you've truly entered the operating system, because autonomic means automatic, if you can instruct the center for more health—and if you can embrace, feel, surrender, and trust your order will be carried out—then, as we get out of the way, we allow the body’s innate intelligence to take over. Each center can then automatically take those energetic instructions and transmute them into healthy messages for the energy center’s corresponding cells, tissues, and organs in that particular part of the body.

And so, as we begin to practice changing our brainwaves by opening up to the energy and space around us, and we combine it with the understanding that the autonomic nervous system not only wants to create order and balance, but is capable of doing it way better than we could ever do it on our own, then we can begin the process of creating more balance and health in our body.

When we attune our body—the vehicle of consciousness—to its optimum state, that’s when the magic truly begins. As we improve our skills in the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditations and become more proficient, we can rely less on different elements (chemicals, drugs, therapies, etc.) in our outer world to change our inner world.

I re-released the first three Blessing of the Energy Centers meditations. I re-recorded them to make them more contemporary and in line with the evolution of the teachings. They are scheduled to be released on Black Friday. I hope you enjoy doing them as much as I enjoyed creating them.