The Next Level

The Next Level

Dr Joe Dispenza | 11 September 2020

The quantum model of reality states that the generous present moment is the place where all possibilities exist.

When in meditation, to enter the eternal now (the only place the unknown truly exists) requires us to get beyond our known associations to the various people, objects, things, and places in our life. These external reflections of our environment—in addition to the emotions, and drives of our body—must be overcome in order for us to break free from our conditioned experience of linear time, the totality of which constitutes the known familiar past and predictable future. When achieved, the result creates brain and heart coherence, causing people to relax so deeply into their inner world that they lose track of space and time. In turn, they disassociate from everything familiar in the material 3D world.

To truly master one’s self, however, requires us to sustain these elevated states in our waking day-to-day life, independent of the people and conditions in our environment. At our workshops, we bridge this gap with walking meditations and Mind Movies. By moving into trance, these practices begin to open the door between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind in order to change our very biology and rewrite new subconscious programs. To practice and then maintain these elevated states with our eyes open, this is what it means to take the work to the next level. The more we do this, the more we grow in new directions.

The Choice

When people are challenged in their life, they generally go unconscious and fall prey to a program. Programs are a level of unconsciousness that account for approximately 95% of most people's personality. When people have the same thoughts, do the same things, and live in the same emotions for so long, they are no longer conscious of those states of mind and body because they’ve become emotionally conditioned to the past or habituated into the same familiar future. This is when the body becomes the mind. In a sense, living in a program is living in the known. If a person is living by a program—and in the meantime, trying to control everything and predict everything in their life—then for the most part they're going to produce the same outcome.

If we can see our evolution as evolving through different levels of consciousness, then as we become more aware of our unconscious programs, we outgrow them by no longer giving them our attention—and when we no longer give them our attention, we stop doing them. This does take a great deal of energy and awareness.

But if you're living by the illusion of three-dimensional reality and you're creating matter to matter, then when things don't go your way and you experience lack or separation, this is where the danger begins because this is where a person’s programs take overs. To counter this, at our week long events, we do challenge activities that give people the opportunity to settle down their body in the face of fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, self-doubt, unworthiness, and so forth. This is a defining moment for them to realize they can make another choice—to realize they can change those programs in the present moment.

When people are facing fear and separation from their dreams and desires, and thus living in the constant onslaught of stress hormones, the aforementioned negative emotions take over. That’s why the challenge activity was created—as a way for people to settle down their body and give them an opportunity to overcome the programs specific to each of us. It’s an opportunity for people to self-regulate, overcome the self-limiting emotions that live in their body, and stay conscious, all while executing from a coherent brain and heart. That’s a greater level of consciousness. It also requires a deliberate energy greater than the energy of those survival emotions, as well as a greater level of consciousness than those unconscious programs.

Moving to a Greater Level of Consciousness

When someone is in lack and feeling separation from what they desire, when they are challenged in some way because they are out of brain and heart coherence (or they’re trying to create matter to matter, and thus forgetting everything they’ve learned), then of course it makes sense they may cheat, lie, steal, compete, become violent, or act out in some way just to immediately get what they want. Why? It temporarily relieves them of those uncomfortable feelings. They may even fall into gossiping, complaining, blaming, and making excuses. This is the person—with their eyes open—going back to their old self again. They're wondering why their life hasn't changed, yet they’re not connected to the emotions of their future. They are back to the known familiar emotions of the past. This is what happens when a limited level of consciousness is threatened, and for the most part, how the world and global powers react. To operate as such is a level of consciousness.

So how do we move to a greater level of consciousness? Simply by not reacting to our environment; by learning how to pause, self-regulate, and wait for the chemicals to settle down before we act. This is how we outgrow victimization, judgment, competition, or the need to gossip or misrepresent someone else.

What we’re doing at our workshops and here as a community is simply asking people to live this work. If you want to be a master, a saint, or a mystic, then you have to start acting like one with your eyes open. This is the work, and while your environment may not reorganize immediately to reflect who you're being, if you can operate from this consciousness, then you're no longer seduced by whatever it is that triggers your program, whether it's a pandemic, wearing a mask or not wearing a mask, a financial crisis, the loss of a relationship or job, and so forth. If you're living at a different level of consciousness, then just like disco in the 70s, you just outgrow it—you outgrow the attachment to your reaction. Now you’re no longer feeling the need to steal, cheat, gossip, blame, and so on because you're creating from a greater place. Only victims do that; creators don’t.

This is what it means to lay down the very thing you’ve used your whole life to get what you want for something greater to occur. This is transcending the animal in us that lives in survival and victimization, to the divine in us—which is when we become the creators of our life. Now more than ever is a time for us to transcend our limitations, transcend the illusion of a limited level of consciousness, and stop judging people for whatever fight they're in or whatever level of consciousness they are operating out of. It’s neither good nor bad. It's just where they're at.

So if we can rise above these limited levels of consciousness and be the example of love, gratitude, joy, generosity, caring for one another, and so on, that’s a new level of consciousness. And because of mirror neurons, when people see you behaving in a certain way—a way in which perhaps they had been wanting to behave but everyone else seems to be operating from the same level of consciousness—then you will be giving them the permission to do the same.

Now we're cooperating, connecting, and taking care of one another—and maybe that's how a new collective consciousness is formed.