Romancing the Future

Romancing the Future

Dr Joe Dispenza | 09 September 2022

I’m overjoyed and so moved by the response to my latest meditation, “Love the Life You Love.” Since we first shared it with our community a little more than a month ago, it’s become one of our most popular meditations of all time. And I want to tell you more about the inspiration behind creating it – and why I think it resonates so strongly with those who have incorporated it into their practice.

If you think about it, love bonds. It bonds us to each other. Healthy relationships are based in love. And when we feel love in a relationship, we move closer together. Ultimately, when the connection between us and those we love is in its purest state, we unite. We become as one.

By the same means, we can fall in love with a future – a future reality; a future experience – before the actual experience occurs. We romance that new future; we create a bond with it.

Love is, in a sense, the cosmic glue that bonds everything together – right down to the subatomic level. Think of love as the energetic source that’s causing atoms to dance in rhythm and patterns … until the most stable form of energy becomes matter. Love connects the fabric of everything physical and material in this three-dimensional universe.

Creating From Love

Love also is the essence of creation. We use love, in this work, to connect, bond, and unite with a future before the actual experience. Love is the very engine that drives our intentions to become reality. That’s why our community works on mastering heart coherence. If we’re going to believe in a future we’re imagining with all our heart, it must be open, activated, and coherent.

When we create from the source of pure love, it's different from the way we’ve been conditioned to create in the 3-D world of matter-to-matter. And it takes breaking some habits to get there.

Our conditioning is to wait for an outer experience in 3-D reality to produce an emotion; a feeling to relieve us from the separation or lack of not having the experience we seek. We all do this. There’s nothing wrong with it. That’s the rule of the plane of demonstration; the plane of doing.

Let’s start somewhere very simple: the cup of coffee you have with breakfast. If it’s part of your morning ritual, you probably look forward to it each day. You anticipate the feeling of experiencing that first sip. Before you even get out of bed, you’re already emotionally bonded to that experience.

And what happens? As soon as you rise, you have the thought of the event – and that automatic inclination leads to an immediate choice, which leads to a programmed behavior. And your body follows your mind right to that experience – right to your favorite coffee mug on the counter – and the rest is history. That’s because you’re predicting the feeling of the experience before it happens. You’re creating reality.

We do this all the time when it comes to the familiar. We can predict the feeling of all our known experiences. In the same way we’ve practiced bonding to and recreating the known, we can practice bonding to an emotion of the unknown – to a new future – before it happens.

And really feeling that emotion ahead of the experience is so important – because our emotion is our energy. Emotions are energy in motion, and our body follows our mind right to that unknown experience – because that's where our attention is. That’s where our energy is. Just as it follows our mind to the coffee – the known – our body also can follow our mind to the unknown.

Any new experience we’re creating – restored health; a new relationship; a dream job; abundant wealth – should bring us a deep joy for existence, a radiant love for life, and profound, authentic gratitude for the present moment. That why we have to practice feeling the emotions of the life we’re creating every day – instead of practicing the familiar, habitual feelings connected to our past.

Suspending Disbelief

Now, in the 5-D world – in the quantum field – we’re creating from source. Think of source energy as pure love. It's oneness; it's wholeness. There’s no separation or lack. There's no duality.

In the 5-D world, everything is connected. Every thought is connected to every other possible thought – and every thought has a frequency. That means the thought of what we’re creating actually produces the immediate experience of having it.

Why? Because when we feel the frequency of that thought, it means we’re experiencing the event before it happens.

In other words, since the end-product of our experience in 3-D reality is the emotion, when we can experience the feeling of the frequency in the 5-D world before the event, then the emotion (or energy) actually creates that experience.

To get there, though, we have to suspend our disbelief and overcome the hypnosis of our conditioning.

Ultimate Surrender; Unlimited Possibility

It's an incredible process of surrender. Of trusting. Of knowing. It's an uncompromising process of removing doubt. It makes sense that we only doubt our new future when we feel connected to the familiar emotions of the past. If, instead, we feel the emotions of the future every day, we’ll feel connected to that future – and it will be easier to believe in it more.

And that’s the feedback we’re getting from people who are so moved by “Love the Life You Love.” That’s what I’ve seen in more and more testimonials from students at our retreats. They get to a point where they just stop doubting. And when they stop doubting, and start believing in their new life, they start behaving as if it’s possible – and they ultimately become it.

Bonding to that future – romancing that future – is so much better than the habit of romancing the past. Our romance with the past is just a way to reaffirm the known. Because our emotions are our energy – and our default is to slip back to familiar feelings and create more of the same. The same personality is the same personal reality.

To romance the future goes against everything we've learned in our 3-D world. We must break the habit of creating matter-to-matter – which we’ve done our whole lives – to allow something greater to occur. And that takes constant practice. It’s taking that leap into the unlimited possibility of creating from source. Of creating from pure love. Of falling in love with life … before it happens.

This is a process in which we have to be kind to ourselves. Be patient with ourselves. Be loving to ourselves. And learn how to trust in the unknown.

Want to practice romancing your future? Try Love the Life You Love.