Rewriting the Rules of Virtual Reality: Part IV

Rewriting the Rules of Virtual Reality:

Part IV

Dr Joe Dispenza | 18 June 2021

To return to the analogy of this physical human experience being like a virtual reality game, whether a person is fit, healthy, young, or smart, these are all characteristics of the action hero, but at some point, your game ends, and so you remove the VR headset and take a break. That’s the moment you step outside of that perceived reality into a completely different one.

In the reality outside of the VR headset, you are still consciously you (self-aware), but there is no longer that same virtual world that you have been identifying with. There are no bodies (that means you don’t have a body); there is no one; there are no things; there are no places; and there is no relative time. So, with nothing material, physical, or known to interact with—which have created the illusion of separation—you have all the time you need to review your score, look at what you’ve accomplished, and observe yourself more objectively from a different dimension. Simply said, you take a break, become more self-aware, contemplate how you did, and if given another opportunity, decide how you can play the game better. Maybe that’s what happens when we die.

So, the next time you put the VR headset back on to play another game, you might come back as another character and choose to have different experiences, learn new things, improve your abilities, work on your weaknesses, make better choices, get more points, obtain more things, go further in the labyrinth, and gain new knowledge and information by playing the game again. All of this begs the question:  Do you have to die to have that experience? What if, while you’re alive, you were able to gain information from a reality—not inside the headset—but outside of it?

Up to that point, while playing the game, you were fully immersed in the virtual world, and so the only information you could access would have to be programmed within the hardware of the headset. That means you could only learn new information from your experiences in the VR world, and you’d have to keep playing the game over and over again in order to master it. Consequently, all of the information you learned about that VR world would come from your interactions while playing the game. Therefore, your evolution while in the game could be relatively slow. That’s because there are certain rules with limitations that must be followed which are programmed into the game and can only be known by whomever programmed the illusion of that virtual world.

The good news is that our research has led us to a simple formula—a practical process that allows us to escape the limitations and predictable laws of classical Newtonian physics that govern this three-dimensional reality. We’ve identified a door out of the VR reality which allows us to transcend the slow evolutionary process of trial and error and the survival of the fittest.

Just like the VR world, in the illusion of our three-dimensional reality, we are fooled by the senses into separation. Thus, we gain information by occupying a physical body—local in space and time—which interacts in a particular environment made of objects and people who also have bodies, in certain places and times. And our perception of ourselves as a separate individual consciousness in a world where everyone and everything appears to be independent from us creates linear time. Therefore, in this plane of demonstration, we have to do some thing in order to make something happen.

Maybe great masters in history—who were able to take all of their attention off  the illusion of the material world and connect to the frequency and energy of the quantum world—could change the rules of their experience of this three-dimensional reality. After all, how could they manifest things from nothing, walk on water, raise the dead, heal the sick, or be in two different places at the same time unless they received their information from upgrades outside of the headset? And since all coherent frequency carries information, by putting all their awareness on the immaterial quantum world—which exists beyond the senses and is made of energy and frequency—they were able to advance their abilities within the VR world by interacting with and connecting to the world outside of it.

All of this begs another question: Why are we so immersed and invested in the game inside the VR headset?

Over millions of years, all of those moving molecules and positive and negative charges that are creating the experience of symbols in the VR headset had no survival benefits—and the Darwinian paradigm of survival says if you don't use it, you lose it. Thus, we didn’t need to see the light, the energy, or the frequencies that are creating this material reality—because it wasn’t relevant to our survival in this three-dimensional reality game in any way.

Because of this, after millions of years, the human brain edited energy and frequency out of its circuitry. After all, being human for millions of years hasn’t been easy. If you are being chased by a saber-toothed tiger or spending enormous amounts of time looking for food so you don’t starve to death, energy, light, and frequency are going to have to take a backseat. If physical existence has been about the survival of the fittest, smartest, or most adaptable, then over millions of years, a species of early human beings that were facing harsh environmental conditions had to think differently about a new way to survive.

It’s logical then that now this is going to lead to different choices, doing different things, and through trial and error, creating new and more evolved experiences—the result of which produces new chemical feedback from the environment through our senses. That’s new information that has to make it into our biology.

It’s that sensory feedback from the new experience in the environment in the form of emotions that begins to select and instruct new genes in new ways. And since genes make proteins and proteins are the building blocks of life, the organism slowly makes the biological upgrade to better survive in the same environment. However, one organism must procreate with another from the same species to ensure its survival in perpetuity in that particular environment. This process may take thousands or even millions of generations until the dominant gene is finally expressed. As a consequence, the species may develop thicker fur, better eyesight, longer legs, more fast-twitch muscle fibers, and so on. This is a long, tedious process that occurs over millions of years.

And yet, in one interaction with the unified field and the correlating energy carrying new information, a person’s biology and chemistry can be vastly upgraded. Why? Because the emotional feedback from the inward experience is less chemical and more energetic or electric because it is coming from a reality beyond the senses—not the three-dimensional reality. In this light, it's more of an awakening; it's more enlivening. It is an arousal.

Through this interaction with energy outside the VR headset, when you reenter the virtual reality, you may have a different upgraded body, see and perceive a different world, and/or be living in a whole new time. You’ve received the upgrade from outside the headset while most people are still operating within the headset, which is the old paradigm of matter (you as a body) trying to change matter (the material reality). Thus, over millions of years, the brain’s circuitry has been shaped to only focus on the three-dimensional world. It doesn’t experience energy because it's not wired for it, and yet, when the person begins to have the interaction with energy, new neural circuits are created. As a result, the spectrum of the VR reality is broadened. We don’t see things how they are; we see things how we are.


In the case of this moment in history, it does not matter who the makers of this game are. What matters is that we wake up from the illusion so that we may step out of the matrix to enter the next level of the consciousness labyrinth.

As I alluded to in earlier parts of this blog, by playing up a level in the quantum game, your interaction with energy and frequency changes the rules of this three-dimensional game. It does so because every experience we have in the quantum field causes us to profoundly alter our understanding of this physical reality. As a side effect, when we come back to our senses, we perceive a broader bandwidth of reality because now our brain is wired to see a greater breadth of possibilities in the game. Our interaction with information from the field rewrites the code—because it’s energy that installs the new code and upgrades the program. 

Now that you know that there’s a new set of rules in this adventure game, let me ask you a final question: Are you ready for the next level?