Results From a Year-long Practice of Coherence Healing

Results From a Year-long Practice of Coherence Healing

Dr Joe Dispenza | 22 May 2020

Early in the morning on Sunday, April 26th, 2020, I joined a call with one of my team leaders in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as several other people from around the world. We were celebrating and discussing the results of a group of individuals who had committed to 365 days of at least one daily remote-coherence healing (sometimes they do more than one) for people with different health afflictions. Not only did this committed group of individuals meditate on healing people with various health conditions—which included both children and adults with cancer, children in comas, people with mental health issues, neurological conditions, respiratory issues, Lyme Disease, cardiovascular disease, digestive issues, chronic illness, sick animals, and more—they also documented the statistical changes of their healings through a very thorough PowerPoint and an Excel spreadsheet.

Overall, the group saw a 30% significant change in the people’s health when they applied the Coherence Healing technique taught at our Advanced Workshops. To perform their healings, all they needed was a name and a picture (the coordinates), and all they were armed with was a heart full of love (the energy) and the intention (the directive) to make a difference in people’s lives.

The group had asked me to join the call to share a few words. They also presented five cases about people who had experienced healings from different health conditions. One person who spoke was the uncle of a 12-year-old girl who had a very large osteosarcoma on her upper arm. Osteosarcoma is a highly aggressive tumor found on the long bones of the body, and its appearance looks like a porcupine with spiked protrusions. It happens to be one of the deadliest primary cancers found in children. In fact—in the majority of cases, the arm or leg is usually immediately amputated. Even when they perform the amputation, the person generally doesn’t survive for much longer.

After the group’s first remote healing, however, the tumor shrunk by approximately 40%. On the radiograph that was taken just days after her first healing, it showed very well defined large black holes. Those blackened circular areas were necrotic cells, which meant that the cancer cells were dying. To date, the young girl is still responding and getting better. Most importantly, she did not have to get her arm amputated. In fact, her doctors have been truly amazed that this type of cancer is showing signs of remission.

By the end of the call, after listening to the other four healing stories, we were all moved to tears. The love and gratitude was expansive and palpable. I encouraged the group to remember what they were feeling in that moment of expanded love, because that feeling is the catalyst that moves us closer to oneness, closer to Source, closer to pure love. That feeling is why we do the work in the first place—not for ourselves, but the love we feel when we make a difference in another person’s life.

The experience I had on that Sunday morning significantly affected me and has changed me in profound ways. As we collectively navigate this incredibly challenging moment in human history, I was reminded that helping others is why we do this work. It helped me to remember what the challenges, the daily tough decisions, the complex logistics of running a large staff, the new laws we have to adapt to, international taxes, and so forth are all about. We are devoted to changing other people’s lives through healing, and when we heal others, we heal ourselves.

Here are some additional details from the PowerPoint report that was presented that day:

  • The group has met for remote coherence healings every day without a break since April 20th, 2019.
  • 1,218 healees have been loved into life (47 were pets, 1171 were humans).
  • A booking system was introduced on September 21st, 2019.
  • In March 2019, a second daily session was added.
  • 29% of the healees were emergency cases.
  • Cancer and neurological disorders were the top two conditions that the group came together to heal.
  • Feedback was received from 14% of the healees;
    • This sample size of 175 out of 1,218 gave us a confidence level of 99%.
  • 39% of the healees experienced significant improvement.
    • 44% of the healees reported significant improvement or completely healed.
    • 21% did not experience any improvements.
  • Cases presented on the call
    • Mary: Referred by Dr. Joe. She dealt with cancer and has seen her bladder function return back to normal. She is super content. 
    • Celia: A 9-year-old girl who deals with epilepsy. She has seen reduction in the number of seizure episodes.
    • Sarah: A 12-year-old little girl whose left arm was to be amputated due to aggressive Osteosarcoma. She has seen tremendous reduction in the size of the tumour and the amputation decision has been deferred for now. 
    • Matteo: A 4-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy has experienced a significant improvement in his verbal skills, mobility, and emotional health in one year of being a healee.
    • Valeria: An advanced student who attended the weeklong event in Mallorca. She was confined to a wheelchair due to a spinal surgery that was performed on the wrong vertebrae. She shared her incredible one-year journey to heal herself and her family by doing the work, and also her experience of being a coherence healer and healee.

Think about it. This collective group of advanced students from all over the world produced a 30% significant change in people’s health without being physically present. These individuals took time out of their own busy lives to heal and change other people’s lives. I have such respect and admiration for this group of healers. Creating a change in almost 1 out of 3 people is clinically significant. All of us joining on a call that Sunday—sharing the true elevated emotions of love, smiles, and tears of joy—is exactly why I love our community and work.