Quantifying Transformation and Telling the Story: Part II

Quantifying Transformation and Telling the Story:

Part II

Dr Joe Dispenza | 28 March 2020

Most recently at our workshop in Indian Wells, California, we conducted a study with 32 people, each of whom agreed to have their brains scanned before, during, and after the weeklong meditation retreat. As mentioned in the previous post, we drew pre- and post-blood samples from the same volunteer test subjects. To measure different values and baselines, some of the brain scans included pre-event scans with the students’ eyes open, eyes open on a task, eyes closed, and eyes closed in a meditation. Students that were involved in the study were also divided into a novice group (less than 6 months of doing our meditations) and a more advanced group (more than 6 months of doing our meditations). We also structured a placebo-based group of 32 people that did not do the meditations as a comparative study.

Next, these students’ participation required them to do a variety of activities, including: walking and standing meditations, sitting meditations, guided heart-coherence exercises, brain coherence work, full-screen kaleidoscope work, Mind Movies, and more. We even had a “a day in no time”, which is an extended meditation that lasts most of the day. In these meditations, we ask our students to overcome their limitations so as to challenge themselves to reach new potentials by applying our formula for brain and heart coherence. I’m pleased to report that they did very well. We also incorporated the surrender activity that nudges most of them out of their physical comfort zone. And of course, there are the pineal gland meditations, which activate latent systems within the brain and body. At the end of the event, we performed final brain scans for these same students. Our research team is excited to analyze the changes that took place.

During each weeklong event, we also conduct a series of coherence healings where our students encircle each other with the intention of elevating our shared emotions into synchronization or coherence. To measure these frequencies of the heart, we partnered with the HeartMath Institute and independent physicians to measure changes in heart coherence occurring between the healee (the recipient) and the healers. Using an algorithm, the researchers will perform statistical analysis of the measurements to see how well our students entrain to the same heart rhythms, the same coherence, the same frequencies, and the same magnetic field when engaged in coherence healings. We will be collecting a lot of data, and the mathematicians have developed a formula that helps us prepare the findings for analysis and future publication.

Our research scientists have added a new dimension to this body of work by scientifically measuring and validating the life-altering biochemical changes that are happening within our community.

As a collaborative research team, we are growing and expanding our understanding of the nature of consciousness within and around the body. We recently added an ECG (electrocardiogram) to the research model, while measuring real-time brain scans so that we can see when the heart is coherent, as well as how it directly influences energetic changes in brainwave patterns. This will effectively show us how the heart sends a new signal to the brain.

From Our Workshops to the National Institute of Health

At Indian Wells, we scanned more than 200 brains in real time, the goal of which is to continue to demystify that transcendental moment. This will help us improve the formula that allows our students to open up and experience these new levels of transformation. When the heart’s coherent rhythm reaches the brain, we have the capacity to align the heart and mind, and in doing so, experience an interconnectedness of all things—a oneness that unifies and overcomes separation. Some of our students reach a level of sympathetic arousal in the brain, during these moments, that produces transcendental experiences. During these experiences of bliss, love, and ecstasy, our students’ brain scans show extremely ordered high-gamma brainwave patterns.

As you can see, we have a lot going on. With that said, I’m also excited to announce that the National Institutes of Health is interested in our work, and thanks to some generous donors with high-level financing networks, we will be writing research grants.

Of course, all of this will take time, especially the cellular research in the lab. But we are certain that the results will help us tell the story of transformation more succinctly and with repeatable results, thus we will continue to expand our research efforts. Over the course of the next year, we plan to have more conclusive information. I am inspired by our students who continue to show up and do the work, contributing to the transformation of both themselves and our collective community.

I am grateful to have this collaborative team of research scientists who continue to ask better questions, create bigger studies, write papers, and contribute to raising the standard in what is possible for human beings. Together, we are quantifying transformation, measuring the immeasurable, and telling a story. We just have to keep adding more pieces to the story, uncover correlations, and continue unraveling the mystery. Much to the surprise of several researchers on our team, many of our students have clearly demonstrated that they can literally become supernatural.

Stay tuned for periodic updates about our research findings. It’s an exciting time for all of us. We are making history.

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