Praying as the Divine

Praying as the Divine

Dr Joe Dispenza | 01 January 2021

“There is no place in this new kind of physics for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.” – Albert Einstein

One of the central teachings in this work is learning how to create from the field instead of from matter. For many people, it’s difficult to really understand what this means unless they are taking the time to do the work. This means applying the knowledge of what the field is and how it works in order to have their own personal experiences of it through their direct interactions with it. When they begin to have these experiential discoveries—when they begin to feel it, put their attention on it, relax into it, surrender to it, and stay present with it—they become more aware of it and less aware of themselves.

The principle of doing this is an inward journey that allows us to connect to a deeper resource within ourselves. This resource is the divine life-giving intelligence whose signature tends to be greater and greater experiences of love, wholeness, order, connection, and oneness. When we connect properly to this divine intelligence, we can begin to measure and quantify very profound changes in our brain and heart, as well as at the cellular level. As a result of our connection and ineffable interaction with it, we receive a biological upgrade in some way. The side effect is that we become more like it, and in a sense, it becomes us.

Despite the fact that we are an inextricable aspect of the field, many people pray to this divine energy and intelligence from a place of lack, desperation, and separation. Praying from these deficits, especially when being consumed by the hormones of stress, causes us to put all of our attention on this three-dimensional world. When in these states, we are so desperate for something outside of us to change the way we feel that we’ll do just about anything to experience relief from the uncomfortable associated feelings and emotions. We could say that this is “praying to source” or “praying to the divine.”

When you become no body, no one, no thing, nowhere in no time, however—and you connect to the field as pure consciousness—if you're connected to that frequency of love and oneness, you're not going to feel lack. You're going to feel whole, and that wholeness is going to make you feel as if what you’re praying for has already happened. It’s these feelings that begin to open your heart, and opening your heart is what changes the field around your body into a more coherent state. Now you’re connected to the field like a router connected to a Wi-Fi signal. In doing so, our brain and heart resonate in a harmonic of the unified field, causing them to become more and more coherent. With this interaction, an entrainment of the nervous system takes place and we begin to pick up information from the field instead of from our senses.

If the unified field is an invisible field of energy that connects to everything physical, and if we’re praying from a place of connection or as an extension of that field, we’re not separate from it. So if we're connected to the divine, we are feeling love, gratitude, freedom, ecstasy, bliss, and so forth. When we do this properly, we're no longer fooled by our senses to believe that something outside of us has to happen to make the bad or uncomfortable feelings go away. Instead, it’s the exact opposite—we're feeling the feeling of our prayers being answered before it happens. Many people hear me say in this work; we don't pray to have our prayers answered—we get up as if our prayers have already been answered. That is exactly what praying as the divine means, and this is one of the keys to manifestation.

And so the work is about making an effort on a daily basis to have a relationship with this field—which you can’t experience with your senses—rather you can only experience it with your awareness. This is how you create from the field instead of from matter, as well as how you begin to produce greater and greater effects on the nature of reality.

It’s simply how we “pray as the divine” or “pray as source”, instead of “praying to the divine” or “praying to source.” It’s always worth the effort.