Plasma, Matter, and the Projection of Reality: Part I

Plasma, Matter, and the Projection of Reality:

Part I

Dr Joe Dispenza | 02 July 2021

“From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in an electric universe.”
      ~ From Thunderbolts of the Gods, by David Talbott & Wallace Thornhill

While most people are aware of the three states of matter—solid, liquid, and gas—the majority of us are not aware of the fourth state, plasma. As the fourth state, plasma makes up as much as 99% of all matter. You can think of plasma as the connective tissue of the unseen world.

Plasma exists when electrons, which are negatively charged subatomic particles, separate from positrons. Positrons exist in the nucleus of the atom and have the same mass and numerical equivalent as the electron, but instead of having a negative charge, they possess a positive charge. For a more simplistic understanding, imagine for a moment the classic (albeit outdated) image of an atom where you see the nucleus at the center and electrons floating around in its orbit. Because the nucleus has a positive charge and the electrons have a negative charge, they experience magnetism, but if you were to completely separate the electrons from the nucleus, you’d be left with these free-floating elements. Since a positive and a negative charge creates a magnet, these elements are extremely sensitive to, and responsible for, infinite numbers of electromagnetic fields.

When this separation of electrons from positrons occurs, what remains is a “soup” of charged particles comprised of negative and positive subatomic particles. Although this soup is often referred to as a gas, it’s more of a field of suspended molecules constantly attracting and repelling each other in space. This push and pull conducts an electrical current—similar to the way magnets create an invisible connective field—and forms the foundation of what’s called The Electric Universe Theory. The Electric Universe Theory states that electricity, not gravity, is the dominant force in the universe.

In recent years there's been outstanding research done on The Electric Universe Theory. What the research demonstrates is that all forms of matter—from our cells, to our bodies, to our sun, to distant stars—are intimately connected by plasma. This means that everything we know in the physical universe has an electric field, and these fields connect to everything else in the universe through a greater, singular field. We could say that this unseen field forms a living matrix that connects all things material—large and small.

And so, think of source energy, singularity, the zero-point field, the quantum field, the unified field, or whatever you want to call this infinite unifying field of frequency and electromagnetism, as the energy source that creates all things material. As these waves of energy slow down to become matter, at a certain point, just before they turn into solid three-dimensional structures—plasma is organized into complex geometric patterns that serve as the blueprints of matter.

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