One foot in the quantum world: Part 2

One foot in the quantum world:

Part 2

Dr Joe Dispenza | 26 April 2018

As I mentioned in Part I of this article, to some degree or another we regularly see a small percentage of people manipulating or misrepresenting the teachings. While of course it’s not something they are necessarily doing consciously, it’s still unfortunate because I see them influence people around them into false understandings regarding the message of my work. I’ve witnessed these people making prophecies and predictions, or doing readings for others, and yet the truth of the matter is they are not actually doing the work because they think they are already “there”—but chances are many of them are not. My work is about creating a better life, so it’s important to examine the person’s life who may be making these prophecies and predictions to see if they are actually practicing what they preach.

The reason why I feel they are doing this is because they are not grounded in the proper feedback system of our 3D reality, a system that exists to show us that our thoughts really are affecting a cause or an outcome. And I’m not just talking about finding a penny on the ground to symbolize one’s abundance or hearing a song on the radio that symbolizes whatever they were thinking as the truth. Those are early signs and synchronicities for a beginner.

What I’m talking about is the real feedback where things are unfolding and changing in someone’s life and reality in accordance to where they are placing their attention and energy. When you’re doing the work and things that once lived in your internal reality begin to appear in your external reality, you take notice, and the more this happens the more you really start to pay attention to what you did in your inner world of thoughts and feelings to produce the outcome. This is the practice and this is the healthy way to create a particular reality. The work then becomes:

  • Learning how to surrender to outcomes;
  • Learning how to stay in (and be uncomfortable in) the unknown without returning back to familiar thoughts, emotions, or behaviors;
  • Learning how to regulate brain and heart coherence so we can maintain our energy in adverse or challenging circumstances;
  • Learning how to correlate the inward changes we make in our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings (personality), in order to see outcomes in our outer world (personal reality), so that we move from the subconscious belief that we are victims of our lives to the conscious belief that we are the creators of our lives.

The secret ingredient to this process is to make the feedback in our outer world more consistent. That’s what we’re working towards and that’s why meditation is a daily practice. To create something in our life, there must be a consistent vibrational match between our energy and the life we are envisioning—between our inner and outer world—and this requires persistence, determination, and focus.

Being grounded in the information contained in this work means there’s going to be times where you have to get off the couch and literally do matter to matter things, because we still live in the realm of 3D reality. But when we properly create from the quantum realm of interconnectedness—from the infinite field where all possibilities exist—we start to see minor shifts in our life. It’s those shifts that are the signs to make us want to revisit that invisible field of unifying energy again and again. When we become so familiar with that energy—so familiar with the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that create a new personality—we can tangibly see that what we are doing internally is being reflected in our new personal reality. This is when our paradigm changes from cause and effect to causing an effect.

Many people can go around thinking positively and living under the guise that they are the center of the universe. They can believe that everything is happening according to their limited understanding, even though their life isn’t working. But the truth is they have to first move into the unknown, get beyond the memory of themselves as a personality, and then connect to a new future. When done properly and with consistency, the side effect is that changes in their life start unfolding. Those materializations in their personal reality may happen very incrementally and sometimes they won’t even notice them in the moment they are happening, but then one day they wake up and realize that their new personality has created a new personal reality…and that they have become someone else. This is the metamorphosis. This is transformation.

It makes sense then that the person who “thinks” they know everyone’s future and are acting as that personality hasn’t gotten beyond their identity. That’s not to say that our community does not have downloads or impressions from the field about friends and loved ones that may help them, but that case is more of an incident than constant counsel of recognition, attention, and aggrandizement in order to reinforce that type of personality.

The true student doing this work is practical. They are pragmatists who are learning the philosophical information, initiating that philosophy by embodying it, then mastering the philosophy, which is achieved by moving into a new state of being. The more natural this process becomes, the more we can learn to master this 3D reality. This is how the true masters throughout history became masters. They stopped talking about philosophy and just became it… and they knew when to step in and intervene in another person’s world and when not to.