Keeping Your Head and Your Heart in the Game

Keeping Your Head and Your Heart in the Game

Dr Joe Dispenza | 24 September 2021

Before you go to bed tonight, why not take some time to think about what you did well today with regard to your personal growth and evolution? If you are truly engaged in the process of personal change and transformation—if you are actively doing the work daily in order to create changes in your life—why not take an inventory to see when you consciously matched your behaviors to your intentions? If you want, you can even keep a notebook beside your bed and begin recording these reflections. You can start by asking yourself questions such as:

  • Was I able to align my actions with my thoughts when my eyes were open?
  • When did I stay calm while everyone else seemed impatient, judgmental, and distracted?
  • What thoughts did I stay conscious of that normally slip by my awareness unnoticed?
  • How long did I stay in the feelings of my heart during the day?
  • What synchronicities and serendipities showed up in my life?
  • When did I not react to the same person or circumstances in the same old way?
  • What do I love about myself that I did well today?

In other words, if in your morning meditation you were becoming your new self, and during the day you were working on overcoming some aspect of your old self, why not observe and review who you were being during the day and celebrate your efforts? If you worked on staying present and calm, relaxed and awake, instead of unconsciously living in one of your programs, celebrate yourself. When you begin reminding yourself what you did right today, then you can do it again tomorrow—and the day after that—until it becomes more natural and automatic.

Why is this important?

However big or however small, it’s a great practice to celebrate your victories. If you can begin revisiting your successes—and thus remind yourself of them on a daily basis—you’re firing and wiring new circuits in your brain, while at the same time continuously laying down new neural pathways that allow you to become more and more familiar with repeating the act the next time. Done properly, you’re practicing staying conscious and awake instead of unconscious and stressed.

When you’re done reflecting on your day, it’s equally important to think about who you want to be the following day. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Since I have another opportunity at life tomorrow, what would I like to work on or get better at?
  • When did I go unconscious today and how can I change that tomorrow, especially if I am given the opportunity to change something about myself again in the same circumstance?
  • How can I stay in the energy of my future the entire day today instead of falling back into the same unconscious programs?
  • How can I present myself differently to the same people who normally push my buttons?
  • What are the habits and behaviors I want to continue working on?
  • In remembering how I fell back into those familiar feelings of anxiety, worry, and overwhelm—just because of one thought—how can I stay in gratitude all day?
  • How can I remain a conscious creator tomorrow, instead of being a victim?

The reason why I keep reiterating this is that if you don’t change your energy, your life is not going to change. Of course, there are going to be times when life or circumstances frustrate you and you don’t want to do the work to change your energy. During times like these, we find ourselves not wanting to change our energy because we’re tired, we’re feeling too upset, or because we’ve allowed some external circumstance to get us down. As a result, we find ourselves doubting that our efforts are going to make a difference, or that they will matter in the big scheme of things.

But I’m here to tell you that when you’re able to change your energy precisely when you’re most challenged, that’s when the power of your will becomes the most valuable and most transformative. If you can change your energy when everything in your body, your mind, and your environment seems to be conspiring against you—if you can reconnect to the energy and emotions of your future in that moment—I promise you, you’re going to alter your reality in some way.

When you slip back into the programs of the past, it takes a greater level of energy and awareness than the rapt feelings of anger, frustration, fear, resentment, and so on—and that requires you to become so conscious that you don’t return back to those default programs of the past. When you can change your emotional state during these times, you can once again begin to see new possibilities, but if you’re stuck in self-limiting survival emotions and you can’t feel the energy of your future, then you’re definitely not going to believe in it either. That’s because, more than likely, you’re in the emotions of your past, and when you’re in survival, it’s not a time to create.

I want to encourage you this week to take time out of your day to practice changing your energy. It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment either. Just stop, pause, and think about who you’re being in the moment—and if you’re not being who you want to be, then make a choice to change your energy back to the energy of your future. Reflect on who you want to be and who you are in the process of overcoming and becoming. Once you’ve changed your energy, now start again with your eyes open. Sometimes I do this five or ten times in a day.

If you can learn to change your energy when it matters most—when it's harder than anything else that’s happening in your environment—then anything after that will be relatively easy. And because all the while you’re learning to regulate and maintain your energy, when you default back into the emotionally conditioned and hardwired programs of the past, it’s going to take less energy to get to what will become your new baseline. With time and practice, you will develop the habit of knowing when you are being the creator of your life and when you are being the victim of your life—and you will have the power to change yourself from victim to creator.

So, when you are calm, awake, and out of the program, celebrate your victories because such triumphs are the markers that gauge your progress. Change your energy, change your awareness, change your life, celebrate the win. Those victories will add up. And when you remind yourself of those moments, from a biological perspective, you will become that celebrated person.

You’ve heard the saying, Ive done it so many times, I can do it with my eyes closed. I want our community to get so good at staying relaxed, awake, and conscious, that we can do it with our eyes open.

If you are interested in learning how to apply this information to your life, I will be leading a live meditation for our community on Saturday, October 16th on our website. It will be a short and effective meditation to teach you how to change your energy and change your life—especially when it matters the most. I hope to see you there.

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