Dr Joe Dispenza | 08 May 2020

As grownups, so many of us have secretly longed to not have to go to work, have a staycation, or have a personalized retreat in the comfort of our own homes. Well, here we are in the midst of the perfect opportunity to be at home, go inward, and hopefully use our time wisely, so that when this pandemic passes, we can emerge as someone new. That’s why, when it became apparent that coronavirus had become a global situation—instead of feeling victimized by the circumstances in my environment—I chose to look at it as a great opportunity brilliantly disguised as a somewhat impossible situation.

Because we are in a time when separation has caused so many of us to move into our survival emotions—meaning we are living more out of our primitive states of fear, anxiety, worry, vigilance, suffering, pain, anger, competition, and so forth—I told my team we needed to do something for our advanced community, thus the online course “InnerMission” was born. Inner—being the only mission—is obviously a play on the word “intermission,” which in this context is essentially a break or pause from our regular, normative routine life.

InnerMission was a free livestream event that was created as a way for us to give back to our community. More importantly, my intention was for our global community of people to not lose the momentum we’ve created over the last several years at our live advanced weeklong events. From the totality of our scientific measurements that prove our mind and will have the power to change biological functions, to the amazing healing and creation stories and testimonies from our student body, I wanted to remind and enable our community to not let anything stop their inner mission.

Part of the point was that, instead of experiencing feelings of separation because of quarantine, physical/social distancing, or reacting with fear or other survival emotions, if we could remember the nonlocal power that exists in love and community, we could collectively unify in a new level of consciousness. I also thought that, due to the circumstances, it would be cool for our community to get reacquainted with the information, and thus perhaps hear it in a new way. Because this experience has changed all of us in some regard, it’s an opportunity to meet truth and information from a new level of mind. So I wanted to challenge our community, and at the same time re-inspire them all to meet in the unified field. More than ever, I wanted them to see that all of the work they have been doing in their meditations has been perfect training for moments like these.

During InnerMission, in between my lectures, we showed past livestream events and played meditations that included Blessing of the Energy Centers, Changing Boxes, and the kaleidoscope (among others), in addition to harmonizing the energy centers and demystifying the formula. During those seven days, I would run down to the studio and record new meditations designed to unify our community. I wanted people to remember that, when we open our hearts, there’s a nonlocal connection between all of us. We’ve measured it enough times, so I thought if I could get a community of people to raise their consciousness—to get beyond their body, the conditions in their lives, time, and truly overcome themselves—if we all connected to the unified field at once, we could begin to synchronize our energy to create more order. Finally, we launched a new walking meditation called, “Come One, Come All.” It was designed to call our community to walk as one mind and one heart. 

In doing the work every day, we as a community felt incredibly connected to one another and gained a better understanding of our relationship with our bodies. It was my hope that our body of students all over the world could understand that our bodies are so intelligent that they come equipped with natural internal defenses, and so we reviewed the research that proves and demonstrates just how powerful we really are. In doing so, if our students could embody this fact during this crisis instead of feeling fear, if they could connect to their heart, they could actually strengthen their immune system. Thus, the less you react to traffic, the news, your ex, your financial circumstances, the outer environment and so on, the less victimized you are by your outer environment. The bottom line is, if you are less of a victim to your outer environment, you are less susceptible to any bacteria or virus. 

Because it was our first endeavor as such, which had my team tirelessly committed to making it all possible, we only opened to it our Advanced Students (because they are an incredibly passionate community of dedicated students). Our main challenge came not from whether or not we wanted to do it; it was technology, platforms, and translators. During the event we had to simultaneously translate InnerMission into five different languages. With so many moving pieces, we just didn’t want to overpromise and underdeliver. But my entire team came together, day by day, to serve more than 17,000 people from all over the world.

Because the results were so outstanding, we are going to adapt and do more programs like this. Now that we know we can do it, we are also thinking of ways to serve, not just our advanced students, but our entire community—then, once we are ready—the entire world. What was especially exciting for me was that I always wanted to meditate with my community but I never knew how it was going to happen. For me, it was a dream come true. I could feel the love and joy of our entire community.

So I think our first online course was a huge success and we will continue to do them as a means to adapt in times when separation is so prevalent. We are going to unify as a community and stand strong as a greater unified collective consciousness. It’s a wake-up call for the entire world to make similar choices.

The question is, will you emerge from the experience as a changed person, or emerge feeling the same or worse—more victimized? I ask myself that question every day.

InnerMission was a free online 7-day workshop with Dr. Joe that took place from March 28th - April 4th 2020. It was created exclusively for our Advanced Community of students (those who had previously attended a Week Long Advanced Retreat or a 5-Day Advanced Workshop.)

SPOILER ALERT: Dr. Joe will be announcing a new online course that everyone will be able to participate in very soon. Stay Tuned!