Great Books To Start Off a Great Year

Great Books To Start Off a Great Year

Dr Joe Dispenza | 17 January 2019

For some time, many people have been asking me for a reading list. As a way of adding another level of coherence to our ever-growing global community, periodically I’m going to provide a list of books that are either science related or just good, expansive stories.

I hope everyone’s 2019 is off to a great start!


The Red Lion: The Elixir of Eternal Life by Maria Szepes

Although a hard book to find in paperback or hardcover, The Red Lion is available in digital formats. This is a great story of a soul awakening who has to face all his demons. When he drinks from the Philosopher’s Stone, otherwise known as The Red Lion, it creates within a fully awakened consciousness, however, he’s not ready for that level of awareness. In drinking from the cup, he tune’s into vital information and, as a result, remembers every lifetime. Follow him through several continuous lifetimes on his soul’s journey back to enlightenment. It’s a great metaphor for all of us.


The Philosopher’s Stone by Collin Wilson

Written by one of my favorite author’s, The Philosopher’s Stone is a story about a young scientist who is obsessed with the concepts of the prolongation of life and the expansion of human consciousness. It’s a story about truth, transformation, and alchemy as a result of the character’s experiments in consciousness. There are a lot of great principles distributed throughout this book in the form of a novel, culminating in an interesting story about humanity's evolutionary potential, including our own humble, otherworldly origins.


The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding

This six (or five) volume set was written by Baird T. Spalding. The book follows him, and eleven other scientists, on a research expedition starting in 1894 to study and observe masters who lived in the Himalayas. Along the way, the researchers witnessed and documented miracles, met many ascended masters, and had the opportunity to participate in various supernatural events. It’s a good way for people to understand where we, as a community, could potentially be going in the future of this work. These books are like the Bible of human consciousness and potential. The first three volumes are simply amazing.


The Nine Faces of Christ by Eugene Whitworth

This is the story in a novel format about a Christ-like character who lived during the time of Jesus. It’s the story of this character’s initiations and how he was raised in a family of enlightened beings. Both of his parents were masters, and as a result, he was introduced and thus initiated into the ancient mysteries. Along the way, we are introduced to his different initiators, teachers, and mentors, while following him throughout his struggles and triumphs. It’s also about his connection to a woman with whom he fell in love. It’s a great love story and a great story about being initiated into the ancient truth. It makes the challenge activities in our weeklong events seem like a walk in the park.


Brother of the Third Degree By Will L. Garver

While this might date me, I read this book in the summer of 1982 and it changed my life. Why? It opened up my worldview to mystery schools and secret societies that selected young people and initiated them over time so that they could ultimately lead in powerful positions in society. It’s a great love story and a great story of the journey of someone who makes his way under the tutelage of Saint Germain. It will make this work we are doing more meaningful.


The Message of the Master by John McDonald

This is the story of a master who teaches a student how to change his inner world so that it begins to create effects in his outer world. Simple and easy to read, this book is short, powerful, profound, and possesses the timeless wisdom of the ages. It’s the type of book you’ll want to read over and over. Clear, easy to understand examples illustrate the poignant points of Universal Laws.


The Initiate by Cyril Scott

The Initiate is a three-volume series that presents the unfolding story of the fascinating and mysterious personality known as Justin Moreward Haig. Set in pre-First World War London Society, the linked series of narratives reveal both the initiate's greatness of soul and the depth and breadth of his vision, as well as his masterly, unconditional, and compassionate approach to his task of living as an example of truth.


The Shaman of Tibet by Heather Hughes-Calero and Winged Wolf

While excellent, this book can be hard to come by. This biographical novel chronicles Tibet's great Yogi Milarepa who lived in the eleventh and twelfth centuries before he became a saint. From a troubled upbringing to achieving enlightenment, this is a magical book and a great depiction of a relationship between a Master and a Disciple.


Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness by Itzhak Bentov

Combining the scientific and spiritual levels of reality in a fun way and accessible way for the layman, this is an easy-to-read book on the physics of consciousness. Bentov has a wonderful way of making very esoteric concepts—such as time and the idea of multiple lives/dimensions—clear and concrete. If you want a simple, concise, and scientifically-oriented discourse on the true nature of reality/consciousness, this is a great read.