From Probability to Possibility

From Probability to Possibility

Dr Joe Dispenza | 14 January 2022

As you read this post, my team and I will be winding down our Week Long Advanced Retreat in Marco Island, Florida. In addition to shared teachings, meditations, and healing practices, we’ll have conducted some exciting research – research we expect will lead to still more evidence of our power to co-create our world.

I’d like to tell you about one experiment that took place this week – building on some powerful research we’ve been conducting for some time.

But first, I want to ask you to picture something. You close your eyes and toss a coin into the air. When it lands, you know it will be either heads or tails – there’s a 50-50 chance between those two outcomes. If you toss that coin over and over again – thousands of times – and keep track of the results over time, you’ll find a fairly equal number of heads and tails.

Now, imagine this. You set an intention – heads – before you toss the coin. You flip it into the air. With clear intention and elevated emotion, you send out the signal: heads. And when the coin lands, heads it is.

Now, you’ve moved from the realm of probability into the realm of possibility. You’ve moved from cause-and-effect to causing an effect.

This, in essence, is the nature of an experiment we’ve conducted before – using what we call “random event generators,” or REGs – machines that essentially replicate, through programming, a kind of chance, “50-50 coin toss” – and track the results.

Using these REGs, we’ve measured what happens when the energy in the room is focused on a possible outcome. It’s too early for our findings to be definitive, but at this stage, we’ve seen some powerful indicators. These indicators prove we can, indeed, influence the outcome of the mechanistic “coin toss.”

Is it possible that we can take a random event and make it less random – and more intentional?

Here’s one of our many outstanding graphs of one such experiment, conducted at a recent Week Long Advanced Retreat:

Friday Collective consciousness Meditation

Image courtesy HeartMath Institute

The blue parabola illustrates the expected outcomes when a machine-generated “coin toss” is purely random. The red line shows the results as our community of practitioners conducted a collective consciousness meditation.

In the first 10 or 15 minutes, the outcomes are within the range of probability.

But then, look what happens.

Suddenly, halfway through the meditation, there’s a jump – a nearly vertical line – outside the blue parabola. And it’s not just a “blip” – the line doesn’t jump out of probability, then back in again. No. Instead, it generates momentum and moves further outside the parameters of “normal” – outside the realm of average randomness – outside expected outcomes.

That red line demonstrates what we call a pattern of affluence. It just keeps growing.

This week, during the Marco Island retreat, we took an important step in connecting these results to our lived experience.

Here’s a little background. Dr. Peter Melcher, Professor of Biology at Ithaca College, recently approached our friend and colleague Dr. Hemal Patel – Professor and Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of California, San Diego.

Dr. Melcher, familiar with our studies involving REGs, posed the question: can we create a biological system that does the same thing as our REG experiments – and test the results?

To this end, Dr. Melcher has been working with bacteria in his lab – essentially encoding them to function as living REGs.

Put as simply as possible, he has programmed plasmids – circular DNA present in all bacteria – that can produce either green or red fluorescent proteins. Just as in our imaginary coin toss, described above, there is a 50-50 chance the plasmid will produce either color – green or red.

And, just as our REGs can replicate a “coin toss” thousands and thousands of times, these bacteria can replicate very, very quickly. This means researchers can, in effect, toss this biology-based “coin” over and over and track the results over time.

As you’d expect with a coin toss – 50 percent heads; 50 percent tails – what Dr. Melcher has seen, so far, is an equal blend of green and red – so, when viewing an entire colony of bacteria, the result is a sort of brownish blend of the two colors.

Here’s where you – our community of students – come in.

This week in Marco Island, we exposed these cloned bacteria to the same energy experiments we’ve previously conducted with our REGs.

And this is what we want to learn: can we influence the outcome of a seemingly random event? Can we, collectively, send the signal out – green – and change the expected outcome?

When we step outside of the mechanistic model – random event generators doing things that are programmed – and step into something that's closer to us – our biology; our cells – things get a little more real.

Because if we – using a living example, instead of a machine – can see an external influence on an otherwise random event, it builds a model much closer to our own biology.

And it gives further evidence of how even the possibility of someone having a change in their cells – in a Coherence Healing™, for example – is, essentially, that same influence happening on another level in the human body.

Think about what this can mean in our ongoing research and practice. Think about what this can mean in terms of our ability to create our own reality – in terms of our ability to use our thoughts to heal our bodies.

It opens up the possibility that we could regulate the genetics of a cell. We could be genetic healers.

And the ramifications are huge.

Because we’re not talking only about a singular influence on a singular cell – or even on a singular being. Just as the entire color of a colony of bacteria might reflect the results of this experiment, we’re working toward evidence that our signals – with coherent brains and coherent hearts – can have a broad, rippling, interconnected effect … an effect that transcends the realm of classical Newtonian physics into the realm of quantum entanglement.

There’s much more to discover and much more to share. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting research. And thanks for being such a big part of the important work we’re creating together.

Note from Encephalon: To learn more about this exciting research, check out the recording of our Evidence Is the Loudest Voice Livestream, originally broadcast Friday, January 14, 2022.
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