Emotions Are Not Your Enemy: Part II

Emotions Are Not Your Enemy:

Part II

Dr Joe Dispenza | 28 August 2020

I've always said that when we overcome the emotions that tether us to our past, and we can look back at our past from a greater level of consciousness, awareness, energy, or emotional state, we can then see the purposeful good in the painful or challenging events of our lives. From this vantage point, we can see from a place of love, compassion, and freedom why certain events in our lives had to happen the way they did. At the heart of this realization is the fact that if it were not for those past events, we would not know or feel the liberation and fullness that exists in the generous present moment. When we are free from the emotions of our past, that's the moment we can retire the past as wisdom. That’s the moment we can truly begin to create a new future, and that’s empowering.

Generally, people only talk about their past and bring up those painful memories when they're feeling bad, because that negative emotion is in a sense collapsing time and bringing them right back to the emotional gravity of that event. When people continuously talk about or rehash their past, it’s their negative emotions that are connecting them to the memory of their past. If they say this event changed me, or I’m this way because of an experience that happened to me 10 years ago—from a biological standpoint, what they're really saying is that they haven't changed since that event—that one moment in time. This is why our meditation practice is so powerful and transformative.

By marrying a clear intention with an elevated emotion, the stronger the emotion you feel in your meditation—the more love, gratitude, freedom, inspiration, joy, etc. you feel—the more you can alter your internal state without any external cue. Thus, the stronger that elevated emotion you feel, the more you'll pay attention to the picture of that intention in your mind. In this sense, you're branding the symbol of your future in the recesses of your gray matter, and in reality, you’re remembering your future in the present moment. Keep doing that enough times and you'll condition your body to emotionally feel that future. Why is this so important to our practice?

Because when you're subconsciously connected to the emotion of your future, and consequently you feel like it's already happened, you're no longer separate from it, which means you're no longer looking for it. You're no longer trying, forcing, wishing, hoping, praying for it. Because you're already feeling connected to it, you’re simply allowing. And if the thought is the electric charge and the feeling is the magnetic charge in the quantum field—and how you think and how you feel is your state of being—then your emitting an electromagnetic signature equal to your future. You are being in your future, in the now. It makes sense then that every time you change your state of being, you change your energy.

When the brain and the heart are in coherence, it creates the equivalent to a very strong, very coherent Wi-Fi signal. This allows you to connect to new possibilities that already exist in the unified field. As long as you're energetically aligned to that possibility, and if you can sustain that state of being with your eyes open in your waking day, you should start seeing feedback in your life. Now you're no longer victimized by your past, you're creating a new future.

When the event finally happens and you feel those emotions you generated in your body into the field from past meditations—when you feel mystified, overjoyed, inspired, and so on—you won't want to change a thing in your past because it brought you to that moment. That's the moment the past becomes meaningful and purposeful, and now the emotional charge of the past is diminished because you’re no longer anchored to those feelings of the past. And so, when people revisit some event in their life every day, and it causes them to constantly feel some emotion from their past, they disconnect from the energy of their future. Thus, when they are in the energy of their past, nothing changes in their life.

If you want to create a new future and be defined by that future, then you would have to keep your mind on that future, and you would have to teach your body to emotionally experience that future before it happens. If you can keep refining your vision—keep remembering it, keep thinking about it, and keep holding your attention on it—if you can truly feel the emotions of it, you're engaged in the conditioning process. The only difference is now you're conditioning your body to subconsciously be emotionally connected to a new future. So that's the thought and the feeling, the stimulus and the response, the vision and the emotion which is conditioning the body into the future, instead of the past.

When you do your meditation and you can remember your future, emotionally embrace it, and teach your body what it feels like, because the body is so objective, it believes the future is happening to you in the present moment. Now you're producing a very strong signal—you're dropping a big stone into the placid lake of the quantum field, and you're sending a message out to the field.

If you can truly open your heart, because the thought sends the signal out and the feeling draws the event back to you—the more you stay in your heart in your waking day, the more you don't have to go anywhere to get anything in your life. You don't have to set goals and get your behaviors to match your intentions because the event will come to you. The frequency of your elevated emotion creates a vortex that draws the future you created to you, and that's when the synchronicities, serendipities, and miracles happen.

All of this is to reiterate, emotions are not bad. They're the end product of past experiences. If those familiar emotions keep us connected to our past, they can also be the fuel that drives us to a new future. The key is learning how to manage your emotions, because learning how to manage your emotions is learning how to manage your energy—and where you place your attention is where you place your energy. So why not invest your energy into a new and exciting future instead of investing into the same story of the past?

I always say that the stronger the survival or stressful emotion you feel towards someone or something in your life, the more you pay attention to them. And so, learning how to lower the volume of negative emotions and practicing being in the present moment enables you to take your attention off the cause of the problem. That's when you begin to break your energetic bond with your past-present reality. You're calling energy back to you and that builds your own electromagnetic field. Now there's energy to heal, create, transform, transcend, and so forth.

That’s how you align yourself to a new destiny. Try it out.

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