A Review of The New Human Story

A Review of The New Human Story

Tim Shields | 07 August 2018

Two hours before the ballroom doors opened at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, a line several-hundred people deep snaked throughout Mexico City’s convention center. The excitement was palpable, sending waves of electricity throughout the enclosure. It was 8:23am, Saturday, July 27th, 2018.

In attendance were 3,000 plus men, women, and teenagers hailing from several continents, countless countries, and all walks of life. They were gathered to bear witness to The New Human Story, a two-day symposium featuring Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr Joe Dispenza, and Gregg Braden, a trio formerly and affectionately dubbed The Three Amigos. For many, it was a reunion of sorts, the kind of gathering you might find at your favorite rock band—a band which for years has had you coming back time and again for the culminating transcendent experience that the music, the crowd, the environment, and the band members provide. For others, it was their first time seeing the power trio of consciousness.

At 10:25am, Bruce Lipton not only took the stage, but set it by announcing that for the sixth time in the Earth’s history, its inhabitants are facing mass extinction. Unlike the most recent cataclysmic event caused by an asteroid 66 million years ago in the Gulf of Mexico, this time it’s being caused by human behavior. The good news, he added, is that crises creates evolution, and the evolution we are in now is causing humans to think, act, and behave differently.

For the next two days, each teacher used their own unique style of pedagogy to tell the tale of The New Human Story, a story collectively shaped through the findings of their own research. For Lipton, the new human story begins in cellular biology. “The story we have been told is a lie,” he proclaimed. “We are not victims of our genetics. We are the creators of our own destiny and it begins at the cellular level.” The discovery he made 40 years prior—that it’s the environment that affects our genes and not our DNA—unfolded a mystery so profound that it caused him to find his own spirituality. “We all came from the same source,” he added. “It’s the input from our environment that affects our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, which in turn affects our genetic expression. Through mindful practices, we have the power to overcome what was once believed to be a genetic destiny.”

For Dispenza, The New Human Story is shaped through the prism of neuroscience, chemistry, heart and brain coherence, and our connection to the quantum field. After a bike accident in 1986 threatened to take away his freedom and mobility, he set out to heal himself through the power of the mind, making an internal pledge to whomever or whatever was listening that if he was indeed able to heal himself, he would spend the rest of his life studying the power of the mind to heal the body. His miraculous healing, and ultimately the discoveries he made in the process, led him to make the proclamation, “Science is the contemporary language of mysticism.” During Saturday afternoon’s session, he showed some of the extensive research he’s performed over the last six years, including how a few days of meditation can produce changes in gene expression, brain states, heart coherence, telomere changes, immune system changes, and significant reductions in stress hormones. He has also measured changes in the energy field both around a person and in the room where his workshops take place using advanced technology. What he ultimately conveyed was how common people are doing the uncommon.

For Braden, The New Human Story is shaped through the kaleidoscope of history, his focal point being the intersection of the simultaneous evolution of both the human species and the Earth upon which they walk. His research has taken him to remote places all over the world in search of ancient wisdoms and universal truths. Throughout his lectures, he was able to merge both Lipton and Dispenza’s points of view into a single, cohesive argument that the old world is breaking down and falling away because it’s based on ideas that are no longer sustainable. Whatever is not true is coming to the surface so we can heal, and we as humans are designed to heal.

What participants and those around the world watching the live stream would take away from the two days of lectures is that there is a plasticity to the very fabric of reality, and that fabric is created, molded, and shaped through consciousness. Consciousness, not matter, is in fact the builder of reality, and it’s for this reason that the ultimate reality is within—not without. As Lipton said of epigenetics, “Epi means above the gene.” In this light it’s safe to say that consciousness is above matter for consciousness is the dream that causes us to awake from our slumber. “We are living in a time where it’s not enough to know; it’s a time to know how. How big can you dream and how committed are you to that dream?” added Dispenza.

While each teacher told The New Human Story from their own field of research, what the triumvirate all agreed upon was that we are in the midst of a health crisis on planet Earth, and this crisis is due to fear, anger, pain, hostility, competition, and living in survival. Fear causes stress, and stress is the cause of 95% of disease on the planet. The good news is that this can be remedied in a generation by shifting our consciousness and our biology.

At Sunday night’s close of the symposium, each teacher distilled their message during a panel discussion. For Braden it was that, “The new human story is the story of self-regulation, and it begins with the heart.”

For Dispenza it was, "You have two choices every day; to be the creator of your life or the victim of your life. It’s up to each of us to be the brushfire of change.”

For Lipton, it was, “We are here as a field of energy. What is the body for? It’s a mechanism that reads the environment and sends the signal back to Source. We came here from Source to create heaven on Earth. When we’re gone from this Earth, all we’re going to have left is the memory of heaven.”

The bottom line is each day we have a choice, and if a certain percentage of us wake up, act differently, and make different choices, the result of those collective choices will shape the next chapter in human evolution.

To learn more about how you can get involved, become the brushfire, and do your part to shift global consciousness, please visit the Global Initiative Project at https://www.heartmath.org/gci/.

Tim Shields is the author of A Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiment. Learn more about the book and watch the trailer here.