A New Year Means New Possibilities

A New Year Means New Possibilities

Dr Joe Dispenza | 15 January 2021

In a time of constant uncertainty, transitions, and upheaval—in a time where it seems as though we dont have much control over our external world—the one thing we do have control over is our inner world of thoughts and feelings. To master this inner landscape requires us to live from our hearts, to stay in the frequency of love, and to self-regulate by repeatedly engaging in the practice of keeping our hearts open—even in the face of betrayals, setbacks, bad news, sicknesses, and losses that lead to fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, pain, suffering, and the activation of old programs from the past. Said another way, we master our outer world by mastering our inner world.

To remain in an elevated state of love when things are going smoothly is easy, especially when it seems as if all doors are opening to you. But challenging times such as these require an enormous amount of energy and awareness. That energy and awareness demands of us to not only stay conscious of the happenings and fluctuations of our inner world of thoughts and feelings, but to sustain that elevated state despite the conditions in our environment and the things that are out of our control. Thus, to self-regulate requires a level of awareness where we have to constantly be vigilant, constantly self-correct, and constantly inhibit our normal or natural responses to the challenging conditions that we may fall prey to. If you can do this enough times, then you no longer have to be vigilant, because the intention of being vigilant has now become the unconscious program, and now youve created a new way of being that is loving to you.

Just as cortisol and stress lead to entropy and disease, sustaining elevated states of joy, love, compassion, connection, and so forth will lead to greater degrees of healing, wholeness, creativity, and syntropy—after all, if disease can be spread throughout a community, cannot love and health also be spread throughout a community? In fact, I would argue that love, connection, and well-being are the foundation of community.

 The more we transcend our fears, doubts, unworthiness, frustrations, and victimization, the better we feel, and the better we feel, the more doors will open to lead us out of our current realities. Those new realities, based in and created by elevated emotions, will naturally lead to more feelings of wholeness and connection. The more we feel wholeness, oneness, and connection—which are all signatures of the quantum field—the less we will be living in stress and survival, which leads to feelings of separation. In turn, well begin having side effects like improved metabolism, the healing of chronic pain, better sleep, stronger relationships and connections, more creativity and innovation, solutions appearing where once there were none, more synchronicities, and more mystical experiences (to name a few). Whats more, the better you feel the more aware youll be of the new possibilities opening up to you, as well as the ones that have always been open to you—you just didnt have the eyes to see them. The totality of this increasing wave of wholeness is going to lift others as well.

By being the living example of this truth, you give others permission to do the same. This happens in two ways. The first happens in our 3D reality as a result of mirror neurons. Mirror neurons allow us to emulate and model behavior, so when you show up in an unpredictable way—such as not reacting to circumstances you typically would have reacted to in the past—people notice you are different. By acting as an unknown, it gives others permission to emulate your acts. Thats how you change a tribe, a culture, and a community.

By the same means, we have research to show that elevated emotions can entrain the autonomic nervous system of others nonlocally at a remote location. Thus, when people open their hearts and embrace the thought or intent that anothers life be enriched, both the sender and the receiver move into heart coherence. They activate their autonomic nervous system to create more balance and order, and in turn both parties feel lifted, lighter, elevated, and loving. Thats a 5D or quantum way of influencing people by changing our energy.

The bottom line is, you do have power over your inner world, and by constantly practicing changing your inner world of thoughts and feelings, you can change the outer world. We only need a small percentage of people to wake up to this reality and to realize that small ripples can become great waves—and great waves create great tides.

Be a part of the rising tide that rewrites history, for as the saying goes—a rising tide lifts all boats.